Denise Stettler - the new partner of rolling Hairdressers in Switzerland

Denise Stettler - the new partner of rolling Hairdressers in Switzerland

Denise Stettler - the new partner of rolling Hairdressers in Switzerland ,

The team of hairdressers Rolling is a new partner to present: Denise Stettler


Denise Stettler at work

She supports the team in Switzerland with outstanding professional experience.

Denise Stettler lives and works in Switzerland, the Basel region as a graduate artist stylist and makeup Ms. Stettler can shine with many professional experiences.

Your creativity knows no borders and is not afraid of new challenges.

With a foundation course at F + F school in 1994 experimental design began your career as an artist and stylist successful makeup. Then you have an apprenticeship and worked for several years as a clerk. His heart has always belonged, however, the art of beauty and decided to make their talent to the profession.

03 successfully completed his make up artist diploma on makeup artists and Maskenbildnerschule Color Line in Aarau. 08 Advanced Denise Stettler already your academic achievements with another diploma for make-up artist on makeup and Maskenbildnerschule Color Line in Aarau. In 2014, followed by other seminars in the areas of the bride and hairstyles fashion, art and airbrushing in the Special FX and Prostethic Creations.

Special FX

Add your four years of professional experience as an artist makeup artist and makeup Denise Stettler may appeal to many contracts in various sectors. His work began with small orders to private parties and weddings, but it was not long and you have already accumulated some experience -. Also in the entertainment industry

Haare und Make-up von Denise Stettler

your frogs naturally includes style for photo shoots. With your mind free, you can empathize with many wishes Motif and genres and customer requirements. Pin-up, 20 years-jungle slapstick and shootings are only a fraction of the many shots.

20er Jahre Make-up


Since 2014 Ms. Stettler increasingly active in the film industry. In the short film "Reborn" and "OBLEO" Ms. Stetter was responsible for the mask.

This is a true miracle of talent. It has the ability to transform everything, whether in a princess for a wedding or a frightening figure for the next Halloween party.

Prosthetik Make-up Silikon We are delighted to host this unique talent to our team and to be able to satisfy our customers with your great imagination every imaginable desires in the field beauty and transformation.

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