Tips for summer wedding

Tips for summer wedding

Tips for summer wedding ,

Hilfreiche Tipps für eine Hochzeit im Sommer

Temperatures are beautiful, the days are long, and there postcard Weather wedding photos: There are more than enough reasons for a summer wedding. We've gathered some tips for you so that the event is successful.

summer location for a wedding

We stayed here already some tips. Wedding venues in Switzerland compiled

The main idea is looking for a summer location for your best day to observe some important points:

  • Locations on lake or even on a ship are extremely popular for a summer wedding (see this post here). And, accordingly is also highly sought. Who wants to marry a dream location on the lake, we should be well advised to book in advance
  • Must have a bad alternative time. Although its course introduces you to your wedding in the sun and pleasant temperatures, can not be it, but you give Peter a wrench in the works. Necessarily accurate in advance if your desired location, for example, has a marquee and a pavilion where we could change if the weather does not cooperate desire by.
  • If part of your wedding takes place inside and ensures that the room is air conditioned or have a minimum of fans.

What to wear to a summer wedding?

best lightweight fabrics are suitable for a perfect summer wedding dress. While the bride should have no trouble finding a simple wedding dress, so it is more difficult for the groom: Should he marry even in summer suit with a tie and a jacket? Here are contradictory philosophies. While most traditional brow would of course answer this question with YES, there are more and more engaged couples for whom there can be such a suit with a short-sleeved shirt

For the guests. by hot should not pressure at temperatures of outfits too permissive. Shorts and bikini have not lost a marriage 🙂 And even if it matches the summer: outfits in white and cream are still frowned upon in most marriages. clarify in doubt, so make sure the bride and groom or witnesses, the situation looks exactly like clothing.

Other points to be taken into consideration

  • Sets Make sure your guests many available non-alcoholic drinks are
  • Be careful when choosing meals on light meals
  • sets in advance sure the florist to ensure that sufficient water your flower decorations get - otherwise you may encounter when entering the church quite a disappointment
  • small fans and refreshing sprays may very hot days a guest extremely popular gift

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