Tale of a Eco-Friendly Wedding in Abruzzo

Tale of a Eco-Friendly Wedding in Abruzzo

Tale of a Eco-Friendly Wedding in Abruzzo ,

Hello everyone, today I say an "alternative" wedding we organized a few years ago!

yet there was talk of green weddings. .. say we were a bit 'bosses!

one wonders where he started this idea?
How always the bride and groom are our inspiration!
they came to us in the office two wonderful people who have placed in us extreme confidence ... Silvia and Massimo.

Back then living with a beautiful girl and the desire to crown their dream and officially give life to a family!
For the rite, they chose a civil ceremony and wanted a nicer place and a little less formal than the village hall without moving in Pescara, so we proposed to them the " Ex Aurum who was little known in this area!
Silvia and Massimo were certainly a couple variant, in which he "dragged" her in new projects and lifestyles!

Massimo recently became a vegetarian and during the first interview both of us had talked about their support for Green Peace and integral nature of the projects.

For us, it was clear that we could not offer them a classic wedding and certainly not granted, we wanted something that reflects in full, that would tell their sensitivity to social development and passion!

They said further us they wanted a casual party , a rather thin and quick lunch then gives the opportunity to all those who are invited to the party, the real party, in the swimming pool!

so basically need a place where they can feel comfortable and stay to party with family and friends and to all children!

so we started to imagine their marriage and create the right project for them!


That day Massimo and Silvia left the house with their child accompanied by a nice black Beetle cabrio !

their ceremony was held at the Ex Aurum in the first floor room we had festooned with ecological composition. Were cotton balls enriched copper and a high flower arrangement made with rice paper flowers color paintings of their wedding!



at the end of the ceremony, the newlyweds were greeted and welcomed by a cloud of soap bubbles!

a toast to start the festivities with everyone present and then all the location of the wedding!


a villa in the town of Sant'Angelo, a rustic farm which built a magnificent herd of deer!


restoration was expertly prepared a welcome drink to pass the time the newlyweds!
Immediately after the arrival of the couple yet another bread and everyone inside to enjoy a sfiziosissimo vegetarian menu!

starters were used for the first, second ... all strictly vegetarian but without forgetting the taste!

A very appreciated by all present menu!

as the same compositions centers as those used for the ceremony!

to encourage the permanence of children, the presence expert animators and a great magician that with its magic won young and old!

, and then cut the cake in the pool with open bar and music to make the bottom of the hollow in the pool!
a fantastic wedding!

This reflects the couple in all, from beginning to end, dall'addobbo, menu, sweets ... the favor was done to support a project of Green Peace and packed strand and produced by students of -solidale fair trade!
once stayed with the closest friends of the couple began the second phase of the festival ... bread, tomatoes and cheese as an evening snack!

in short, a more eco wedding friends that, I believe in Abruzzo has never seen and wind weblog events!


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