Story of a very chic wedding and Abruzzo

Story of a very chic wedding and Abruzzo

Story of a very chic wedding and Abruzzo ,

Today I will talk about Carla and Manuel !

Carla and Manuel honeymooners there are now a year!

they just celebrated their first anniversary!

She Montesilvano he Emilian they met at university and lived for years in Bologna.

When they contacted us, it was clear that they wanted a wedding that reflects ... they are present as people really so, cutlery, extremely helpful and always smiling.

, it was always a pleasure to meet or hear the details 😉 distance

they had a hundred guests or so, many have a remarkable choice the location.

the only point for them was essential that the ceremony was made near the location of the breakfast because they had a lot of people who came from outside, and they needed a facility that could the and other friends for the night welcome!

the choice fell on Semivicoli Castle, an enchanting and magical located in the hills of Chieti.

a vineyard, as well as accommodation of the highest standard.

one of most charming places to visit in Abruzzo , which is comparable to the Tuscan vineyards and castles.

a noble residence time the castle was purchased and completely renovated respecting the original material and the structure of the Masciarelli winery.

Well, when we accompanied the couple to visit this place if you are in love, refined, elegant but at the same time simple to the entire mirrors.

Therefore, they opted for the castle yet convinced by the presence of a very small and cozy church next to the entrance of the structure.

Then it came time to choose who would take care of the flower arrangements, and the choice fell on Faieta Flowers who made for surely their classic taste of floral decoration, but with professionalism, originality and passion that distinguishes them.

the Faieta Flowers flower designer also occupied the centerpiece of the beautiful glass with a raised hemispherical composition controlling their church style and reflects mainly the color chosen by the couple or pink salmon.

we Wind events beyond the organization, we have taken care of the wedding table, the staging and pelletized general location of adding candles, fresh flowers and small buttons here to there.

to see the pictures (made by Wind of events) stands here.

it's time to decide who to entrust the memory of their day, even in this case, the bride and groom have doubts, you are tasked with the professionalism of Gradisca photographic marvel that their given an elegant and spontaneous Service say every moment of the day with ease and skill.



the day of the wedding bride decided to rely on experienced hands and capable of Paul Vela New Age Hair who was in charge of makeup and parruco the bride and mom!

the bride wore a beautiful silk dress bought by the always polite and solar Caroline Di Giacomo.

groom had changed directly in the castle and had the opportunity to do some good pressure and pushes forward with friends and relatives!

bride has any purpose or two minutes, but was pardoned 😉


entry accompanied by the harp and the voice has nothing was moving, the function has took its too cute moments with the presence of a true single priest 😉

After completing the joint party and guests moved in the garden in front of the castle welcome drink sword!

servers with white gloves of a well known caterer in the country welcomed them and served with mastery throughout the marriage because of the presence of an expert sommelier team!

After the appetizer because rain around lunch, you have to play inside.

in the main floor was a buffet of appetizers while in the reception room of impiattati entries were served first and second all cooked and freshly prepared!

to the end of a rich buffet of cakes and pralines delighted the palate of the couple with the fabulous cake! matrimoniotrechicinabruzzo4

the party was led with skill and panache from Matthew embodied DJ with his music has delighted guests and made friends and family free at the end of banquet!


in short, a perfect marriage ... ..with style but simple and elegant recounted in this article through shots Gradisca Wonder picture!


Two young married friendly and nice!

a marriage that gave us a lot of satisfaction because we could manage in full always all aspects of the final decisions together with spouses and their families!

to conclude the marriage a welcome gift to all, the wedding favor was a bottle of excellent wine cheese Château Semivicoli

This is wind on the events in collaboration with the best companies in the market of Abruzzo :! makes your unique, unique wedding, YOURS

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