mood boards for your wedding planning

mood boards for your wedding planning

mood boards for your wedding planning ,

When I plan a wedding, I always start with a so-called "Mood Board". These are collections of moods, small accessories, tapes, fabrics, cards, etc. This helps me get a "red thread", a concept in the design and decoration of the wedding party.

"Mood -Boards" help bring some peace in the chaos of planning and limit the selection of thousands of possibilities somewhat. You should decide on a theme or motto that accompanies you in the weeks before your wedding. These problems can come from various sources:

- the color theme, for example, red and cream, blue-white, pink-gray, ...

- currency, such as a Travel theme, married on the beach, 20s wedding, ...

- floral theme, such as "Rose" or "Calla"

... or, of course, much more

in the planning period. collects your everything possible to what you get in magazines, in stores or in online research on the way. These can be photos, postcards, fabric, belts, accessories, etc .. All you want and where you feel you should somehow find a place for your wedding.

You can then go to your various service providers with the inspirations collected on the "Mood Board" and the theme to discuss with them, for example, with the florist or the confectioner. Therefore, all have very quickly a clear idea of ​​what you desire.

The next time some ideas for "mood boards" in my life every day as a wedding planner.

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