The documents necessary for your wedding in Abruzzo

The documents necessary for your wedding in Abruzzo

The documents necessary for your wedding in Abruzzo ,

early 2016 and for most couples who marry this year, it's time to start preparing documentation necessary for their marriage.

The documentation and the process is slightly different depending on whether the couple chose a civil ceremony or a ritual arrangement!
For ritual Concordat means that religious marriage also has civil validity!
To civil ceremony documentation is very simple:

  • valid identity documents
  • free from other constraints State

practice is simple, you in the municipality of residence of one of the two future spouses and you can make an appointment to apply publications and book the village hall for the wedding day

on demand services is nothing more than Abruzzo called "the oath"

the appointed day, we went to the city (no witnesses are required) and fill self and you sign.

From that moment, leave marriage banns.

The publications are displayed in eight days Praetorian register with some generalities.

After 8 + 3 days if there is no third party objections, established the marriage license is valid for 180 days.

The application publications can also be made by a joint delegation with another single card, or a third person.

If you decide to get married in a third common because perhaps a common room more suited to weddings or a special place that you still have to do all documentation in your city of residence, this documentation should be sent to the municipality that you have chosen for civil and after the wedding ceremony will take this city to take care of transmitting all documentation to your home to save your marriage.

If you chose Catholic wedding ceremony then Concordat is required:

  • successful participation documents in premarital
  • Baptismal certificate and confirmation
  • was free from other constraints

Needless pastor reserve day for the "processetto" and the Vital Statistics office to book demand publications (oath). You must perform the same day, before the priest, and to the city.

The pastor ridige publications with the couple in general, day and place of the ceremony and they will be exhibited in one or both parishes and handed over a document to spouses who must submit to the Office Vital which at this point will be publications asking (the oath) .

The publications are displayed for 8 days.

A 8 + 3 days if there are no oppositions are awarded game for the marriage valid 180 days.

The marriage must be registered in the Curia of competence before the event itself.

After the wedding will be the pastor to take care of transmitting the communication to the office of civil status and the curia to transcribe marriage.

procedures are quite simple, apparently complex.

We Pescara marriage hope to be helpful to clarify how to prepare the documentation for your wedding in Abruzzo !

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