Wedding Movie: "Sweet Home Alabama"

Wedding Movie: "Sweet Home Alabama"

Wedding Movie: "Sweet Home Alabama" ,

Melanie Carmichael (Reese Witherspoon) is a young designer who has made his career in New York. When she even Marry the single most of the city, Andrew (Patrick Dempsey), life seems to be at the top. To all of you make Andrew the jewelry store "Tiffany" to marry him, which she - of course - "yes." However, it has been a small hook. Melanie is still married! And Jake (Josh Lucas), his childhood love of Alabama.

So nothing to persuade the house and the husband to divorce. But this is easier said than done. Because Jake does not intend to spend another woman and refuses to sign the papers. To make matters worse, it is the press on the heels, because "officially" it does not come from a normal family, the middle class, but grew up in a large farm. A dilemma. And then emerge when Andrew and his mother (Candice Bergen), their New York mayor character, in the small town in Alabama, chaos is perfect. As Melanie simply returns as of

A wonderful film, which plays both the action required New York, and the quiet countryside

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