Hair and Make Trends for 2013 Wedding

Hair and Make Trends for 2013 Wedding

Hair and Make Trends for 2013 Wedding ,

perfect style for the day in white

A modern style that is broad daylight in better life, every bride wants. Looking for hair and makeup, which fits perfectly with the wedding dress, give the current wedding trends for wedding 2013 new inspiration. Featured on the catwalk are variations of the classic updo and vintage look. In the bridal make-up is set to colorful and attractive effects.

The hairstyle should sit

A traditional marriage is the updo. The bride can choose between many wedding hairstyle the variants and find the most suitable for the form. In the simplest version, the hair is tied in a bun and laid flat to the head of the bride, so that no hair falls in walking down the aisle opposite. Headbands adorned with the updo of the morning ceremony lasts until the evening celebration. A seat in the neck Dutt is the free version and light hair. The bride with extravagant tastes can put declarations of extraordinary tunnel mode. Even the ballerina node with hair jewelry like pearls and ribbons in a beautiful wedding hairstyle.
A hairstyle trend this year is the hair ambitious mi. The outer layer is stuck and loose hair in the neck in curls or smooth doctored. So many different styles available that are light and fluffy. A romantic look for the bride is the ambitious laterally hair that seems open and on the side. Plug playful techniques, braided strands and the parenthesis corresponding style jewelry the bride give a natural appearance.
on the New York catwalks, the bride wore a traditional wedding hairstyles that side chignons. The slightly twisted side hair shorter hair may appear longer and are timeless. For wedding dresses in water waves costume nostalgic style and external role. The hairstyles of the 1920s, 30s and 40s, designers have the vintage look for the bride to life. One of the most popular hairstyles on Fashion Week married is the bulky appearance. Foam hair styling and hair rollers is simple and glamor result.
This is also a bride with short hair, marriage radiating center, shown in September Hollywood star Anne Hathaway. Your look with white hair band and decorative flower minute shows that not only long hair pleased with creative hairstyles. noble hair accessories are the focus of styling short hair. Hairband, veils or hats to match the wedding dress are real eye-catcher and do not require major changes to the hairstyle. Gel with natural snatched the form and in combination with a modern wedding dress seduces even short hair on the big day. voluminous styles are even with short hair fashionable. Details like a great or special hair accessories to give the hair an unusual look in which the help of a hairdresser is in demand.

A perfect complexion and choice of law let the good wife makeup to shine on the wedding day. 2013 is held under the sign of the collapse of style. Smokey Dark Eyes are ready for a wild and sexy look that is used in this year also in weddings. The trend married accesses dark colors and smoky to play to the gallery. For lighter shades to brown or gray. Pink, blue and purple eye may be marriage a colorful and joyous celebration are. Brides who prefer a natural and perfect look, choose the nude makeup. The light and delicate tones can apply professional makeup artist.

For a trendy style and stress free wedding day are hairdressers Rolling. Mobile hairdressing services with branches in many parts of Germany, Austria and Switzerland has a special wedding service: hair and make just take time the wedding day the bride home. They support the client in the preparation, repetition and Trauungstag. stylists vary from luxury soaking bids until the last minute style. More information is available under

The Hairdressers rolling - company
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