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As I have said many times am crazy pinterest. I love this network. Since I knew a long time to date, I'm addicted to gather, to seek, to pin ... I can not help it! And for several months, I have noticed a new trend in wedding hairstyles. In 2015 already was to see the strong trend, but 2016 also stomp and so I wanted to talk today about it.

Brides ponytailed.

I know many of you will think, if I use the queue every day to go to work or to the gym ... my wedding day, I do not want to go with a ponytail. This view is entirely legitimate, but pigtails and ponytails. Ponytailed brides are elegant, are bright and are in full trend. You will see that this summer will see many brides the choice of hairstyle is a ponytail.

do not know if I choose hairstyles that some of you change opinions about the wives with pigtails ....

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