Marriage in Abruzzo: the perfect symbolic ceremony, he organizes the wind of events

Marriage in Abruzzo: the perfect symbolic ceremony, he organizes the wind of events

Marriage in Abruzzo: the perfect symbolic ceremony, he organizes the wind of events ,

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I Federica marriage! planner and owner of Wind of Events, an agency of wedding planner in Abruzzo and wedding designer specialized in providing the joint with all necessary assistance in organizing your marriage also help in search for companies that do more to chance for their floral arrangements, wedding dress, wedding favors, restaurant, car, location, catering, makeup artist and hair stylist, and much more.

in recent years, we can say that we specialized in the organization and implementation of symbolic ceremonies dream in Abruzzo .

This is an issue that is close to my heart!

more and more couples who, for various reasons, including those who do not practice religion and still choose to get married at the church, which is in second marriage, and further, it was forced to retreat to a civil ceremony, cold, quick and painless ... a ceremony that lacked emotions deep.

in recent years, some Common Pescara and Ortona understood the need on the part of couples who chose a civil ceremony can provide a function in a place at least aesthetically more pleasant giving permission to some departments in charge of hosting civil ceremonies and this year also witnessed the first civil marriage on the beach in Abruzzo , in particular in Pescara .

Although many other municipalities are working to adapt to new requirements, there are still several problems for many couples.

so that our organization in recent years has led to more and more the idea of ​​ symbolic ritual .

Many people are frightened by this proposal, as they believe that the symbolic ritual can be a farce, a ceremony "pretend" came out wrong.

If well organized symbolic ceremony is a bomb of emotions, far from something false and inconsistent in fact is often heard other ceremonies, including their own guests.

These "symbolic" wedding in Abruzzo are ceremonies that our staff studies in every detail ensuring the newlyweds a fantastic experience, unique and super exciting.

Each ceremony reflects the bride and groom, their personality!

Together we choose might be more appropriate to intervene in the ceremony dedicating a thought to the newlyweds, this kind of approach to the classic ritual promises and more ...

in over the construction of the structure of the ceremony, we are also involved and especially to create a backdrop for the ceremony itself.

we study and design a floral or no decoration (for those who are attentive to the issue of "ecology or just want to get out of the box) in style with the place of the celebration of rite, with the likes of torque and consistent with all other components of the wedding trying to give a logical and aesthetic over the entire event.

We also provide music is classic, it (harp, violin, flute, vocals) or AC (Liveband).

in short, a complete package that allows couples to succeed in the ceremony they had always dreamed of and that previously could not be achieved without stress, worries and fears!

We Wind events we like fulfilling the dreams of the couple and see the radiant on the day of their wedding .


organize, design, build and coordinate weddings in Abruzzo and in other Italian regions.

Contact us for a project your wedding in Abruzzo is symbolic, civic, religious, we provide services to 360

  • photos
  • video
  • floral decoration
  • wedding table
  • favors
  • Mistresses
  • ceremonies staged
  • music
  • car
  • make up artist
  • barber
  • custom design preparations
  • shows and additional entertainment
  • entertainment for children and adults
  • much more ....

We invite you to visit our website and watch our introductory video and gallery of our wedding!

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