Winter Wedding:

Winter Wedding:

Winter Wedding: , planning advice

While many newlyweds dream about her marriage with bright sunshine and mild temperatures, so there are also many winter fans wish to marry at this time. Here are some planning tips for all winter fans who marry in this month

  • When choosing the location it is, note the following:
    If arriving by public transport can
    Do we need more? transportation such as mechanical lifts or the like?
    as snow fix the location?
    Can you imagine that the location is magic without snow? Let us show you pictures because it can look like when there is no snow. - So can a possible disappointment can be avoided
  • Check:
    Keep in planning the celebration in mind that it can be difficult to finish because of snowfall or winter storms, if not impossible. According to destination wedding have found their place as guests arrive the day before, so they decide on the big day itself certainly present example sind.Wenn for a sled to transport, so make sure that other transportation is organized, if too little snow for the sleigh.
  • dresses choice:
    Airy dresses and thin silk costumes have not lost in a winter wedding. Wool and velvet are fine alternatives to the wedding dress. Keep also in the selection of shoes in mind that you need to put this best on a smooth, slippery surface.
    Inform your clients accordingly: it becomes much have to walk in the snow? Is there a program of activities for which full appropriate sports clothing is needed?
  • Makeup
    For the bride, it is important that special attention be given to make it even takes to cold temperatures.

Have a magical winter wedding!


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