civil dream wedding in Abruzzo? With Wind of Events you can!

civil dream wedding in Abruzzo? With Wind of Events you can!

civil dream wedding in Abruzzo? With Wind of Events you can! ,

Hello everyone I'm Federica Wind of Events!

today I address to all married couples who have chosen civil ceremony in Abruzzo !
many couples today choose a civil ceremony for their wedding.

The reasons are many, certainly among the most cited in agreement with its lack of religious faith, the neutrality of a ritual that has no religion in the couples 'mixed', the need for people in a second marriage.

Very often, those who choose civil ceremony is "forced" to settle for a location for the ceremony not really aesthetically appealing ... it occurs mostly in small towns.

larger municipalities have been equipped with more space adapted aesthetically such as the city of Pescara, who chose the former Aurum and the beach near the Madonna as alternative venues for civil ceremonies, the city Sant'Angelo city with its beautiful cloister, the city of Ortona with Castello Aragonese , and there are rumors that the municipality of Silvi you turn to authorize as a suitable place for civil rites of the beautiful Tower of Cerrano.

it is clear that in these cases it is always brief and painless civil rites, and yet we talk about additional payments to pay rent for such places.

Many brides still opt for a civil ceremony when they speak of their marriage the future, we see that they do it with a bit of regret, as if we are preparing to not fully meet their expectations.

And being in the position of a civil ceremony censure also in the choice of "clothing ... perhaps novel is not choosing the dress of their dreams because they consider it too demanding for a civil ceremony. in

we Wind events help these spouses not to be satisfied maximize, to meet all their expectations organize rituals to meet their requirements .

We try to give them the dream he had abandoned.

We believe that the civil ceremony should not be "less" than religious ... it is simply the result of another and no less important for that choice.

Therefore, with the bride and groom sit and try to figure out how they imagined their important day and ì we build a project that is both attractive and therefore sull'allestimento concerns, colors, materials, and as a project of the actual ceremony go there to enter the sub-ceremonies and external interventions that enhance the event itself!

Often, according to municipal delegates, enriching civil ceremonies, otherwise organize symbolic ceremonies (but not least) directly into the restaurant chosen for the holiday .

This second option has three major advantages : The first advantage is certainly Logistics and welcomes all guests who arrive at the place of the ceremony and from there do not move throughout the marriage (less movement = less stress = more participatory festival), the second advantage is economic in the sense that you do not rent a place for the ceremony and it adorns but you simply set up the ceremony inside areas of the restaurant, the third advantage is more important are unable to realize the dream of having an emotional ceremony , warm, cared in every detail and especially more participatory emotional level.

So, if you are curious about how you can achieve all this and we can help you do visit us and together we will bring life to your dream ceremony in Abruzzo !

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