red lipstick for the bride

red lipstick for the bride

red lipstick for the bride ,

red lipstick for the bride

Since Beatiful blue Brides have always wanted to show you some different girlfriend to leave the square, today will not be less and although it may seem very transgressive, bring red lips for your marriage seems chic and elegant .

Labial rojo para la novia

chic lips

If you decide to wear red lipstick, the rest of face must pass background. unblemished skin, a makeup natural and cheeks endless eyelashes are the perfect complement . If you want a vintage touch you can draw a 20 Type Coin But we understand as it not seem that we "disguised".

Another important for transporting red lipstick factor will be the style of dress, look! not all dresses strikes this style, but if you hit in the mixture will give a fabulous vintage button so you SALTS certain provisions.

Labial rojo para la novia

vintage dress and red lips Ideal!

Remember red lip rejuvenates and gives vitality and joy to all look . And if the bride already shine you look, everywhere you look, but an injection color never hurts. The best will advise you to choose your perfect red, and once you find it, you'll see how you'll use to buy bread. In general:

  • If you have fair skin, you should choose the red-blue
  • If your skin is average. pulling dark, brown or the use of dark tones.
  • If your skin is brown, red with orange base will be the one that you favor, as garnets and brown

Tip :. never not take ons exaggerated! A veil vintage will be more than enough to not overshadow the lip, which will be the protagonist of your look.
Remember red lips have been and will be a classic forever.

we love as interpreted Dolce & Gabbana. what do you think of the combination red lip + lace?

Labial rojo para la novia

Look Dolce & Gabbana

Karl Lagerfeld also in red wine and light with hair collected all the attention to his lips. Look how clear the neck and flawless complexion.

Although the appearance of Costello Tagliapietra seems a priori scruffy looks very chic with those collected "kind of grandmother." Another day, we talk about those collected in the crumb.

Labial rojo para la novia

Karl Lagerfeld and Costello Tagliapietra

Fiajos three looks that we show are with a net. And now I leave pictures of real wives so you can see how good it is for white wedding.

Labial rojo para la novia

married to a very attractive look

Photos Love my dress, Duston Todd, Junebug Weddings, dress me Fancy Style me Pretty, OnceWed
photographers examined: Lauren McConnell Photography, Leslee Mitchell

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