It was time to go wedding

It was time to go wedding

with the arrival of spring and good weather, also come endless events that sometimes both the outfit and hairdo can be a headache. The truth is that we usually seek first the style where we comb our hair and makeup how we could, but everything is not so simple. Many questions are flooding our head? I comb my hair at home or go to the hairdresser, settled or collected hair will be too formal a bow? This little "beauty drama" increases when the event is in a different city where we live, there is not in our beauty center, so we have apañárnosla us alone; but quiet, because, as you will see, we can get a hairstyle in 10 simple steps.

To achieve the first big news is that in recent years in both events like weddings and not formal and agreements to be Estilan looks old protocol air. Now we can go perfect with a simple dress and a hairstyle a little more relaxed. Gone manes full of ringlets and chignons including the preparation of required hours! Today more than ever, we can say that less is more.

therefore, the option of a low bun for me is always successful. It offers an elegant touch and at the same time relaxed. In addition, it can give you a gentle, affectionate and modern, including a hair braid. The result will make the hairstyle in the perfect addition to, for example, a boho chic look.

for the holidays with a touch more relaxed, I like d opt for a simple braid. And there's something easier to start combing do a high ponytail? Once done, the remaining hair braid, leaving a loose strand. A posteriori roll the lock on the rubber band to hide it. And voila !, we have a simple hairstyle with a special touch that we seek. Something essential is that once hair done, do not forget to apply the paint to repair and last hours. Fixing Hairspray Ultra Force Pantene can be our best ally in these cases and helps us to have this #PeloPantene even in climates with high humidity.

Now all you have to enjoy the party;)

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