Romantic collected for brides: braids of

Romantic collected for brides: braids of

Romantic collected for brides: braids of

Romantic collected for brides: braids

L the other day we He asked one of our readers collected for romantic married . There are so many amazing styles, I did not know where to start! So how about if we start with the post today by one of my favorites: collected romantic with braids The collected with braids provide brides look more Natural and light , the perfect fusion of bohemian and countries are essential to add romance to our dress and if interlace flowers, vintage ribbons and accessories voila, we become for a day in perfect heroines of novel !

Recogidos con trenzas para novias románticas
what pleases me most is the course this type of collected hair looks free and it accentuates the face of the bride see relaxed and natural . For me is importantismo the wedding day the bride is always the same! be picked weak and cowardly face shape is not tight and avoid lacquer effect personally I hate! Ideally not notice us hours of hair dazzling just to our natural beauty!
This type of hairstyles are great with and without supplements a single flower on the one hand, tape or braid interlaced falling through as a headband is enough!

Recogidos románticos para novias
If we encourage you to decorate your hair with natural flowers the effect can be amazing and perfect for spring wedding ! I love this braid fllorecillas mileage as a nymph of wood! See how combined with lace dress , a young bride with a back so you do not go unnoticed! Or the latest hairstyle that I love with bayitas tiara, and a tousled look are safe barbers hours!

Recogidos románticos para novias con trenzas y flores naturales
If you have long hair, we can combine the loose hair and braids as Liz Tyler in the Lord of the Rings or if we have a mane cortita we can choose a Provencal air with tousled collected something like Keira Knightley in Pride and Prejudice. Yes, all the films of fantasy and romance, but they fantasticamente incredible and dazzling. If you like this style there are many films Super romantic you can see ideas: a apologize to take remotely control and enjoy a good dose of romance on the couch

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