Buy Rings: Stores in Switzerland

Buy Rings: Stores in Switzerland

Buy Rings: Stores in Switzerland ,

Trauringe kaufen in der Schweiz gold, platinum or silver, but - who has the choice, are spoiled you are looking for your rings wedding. ? We have compiled here a list of helpful wedding ring stores.

Rings select is something you really should leave plenty of time - eventually you wear this after a lifetime. Here are some wedding ring stores that we recommend you. As always, this list is not exhaustive and if you have any advice, we welcome this as a comment on this post

rings buy Zurich

[1945002ème] Trauringlounge , Wädenswil

wedding ring generously designed living room you will find everything that can covet the heart of the newlyweds. Thank you to the wedding ring configurator, you'll find the ring pair perfectly appropriate for you and will provide competent advice.

Zett-Meyer Jewelry and watches, Zurich

this specialized shop for wedding jewelry in Zurich, you will find the widest range of wedding ring in the Zurich area. Who is looking for a unique, Zurich


Elizza jewelry

here not only receives his lifetime warranty on your marriage, but you can order them, even as a pattern of metal rings. So you can imagine even better, because it will finally look.

metallic crystal, Zurich

This jewelery shop in the heart of the old Zurich specializes in creating custom wedding rings and wedding rings. What makes the patented metal crystal is that it is ideal for unique wedding rings. So you can, for example, a secret message of love perpetuate your rings, which is then crystallized and Šichtař still flickers.

Rings Buy in St. Gallen

Evelyne Frischknecht Fine Jewellery, St. Gallen

this wedding ring range you find not only traditional materials such as gold and silver, but also ceramics, lava stone, titanium and carbon.

[1945002orfèvres] Lux, St. Gallen

Here you will find a wonderful selection of wedding rings and be personally advised to find the right pair of rings wedding for you.

Rings Buy in Bern

Staehli silverware, Bern

located in the historic center, there are two models of rings conventional marriage as also own creations, which are made from 100% in Swiss handwork.

Jewellery Sonderegger, Bern

rings corner Bel-floor of this jewelry is the choice between different monochrome or models bicoloren rings.

Workshop kulta, Bern

In this studio Münstergasse be your wedding rings made by hand. It can be received without difficulty on special requests.

Gregorio Goldsmith, Bern

The Brazilian-born Natanael Gregorio followed the Goldsmith tradition of his father. In his workshop on Brunngasse it offers wedding rings Geldgolb and money on - quite a lot of time during the initial consultation, including


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