Bridal shops Overview, Part 2

Bridal shops Overview, Part 2

Bridal shops Overview, Part 2 ,

Brautmode Schweiz

In first part of this series of documents we showed you bridal shops presented in Lucerne and Schwyz. Today we continue with Zurich and St. Gallen.

A wedding dress to buy is often a long process in which you are happy if you get good advice. The following bridal shops offer a wide selection of beautiful dresses and comprehensive advice.

Brautmode buy in Canton Zurich

Merys Couture, Zurich

Merys Couture is one of the leading wedding hotels in Swiss. He is the only sewing workshop in Switzerland, where your own dream dress a reality. Your creations here are produced from fine silks, French lace and shiny Swarovski crystals.

Sort married Zurich

When the bride checker you can find many moderately priced wedding dresses. And who buys a dress worth more than CHF 500, even gets a free gift matching sail it! In addition, you can clothes be ordered online, they will be tailor-made for you.

Chez Janine, Bubikon

The largest bridal and festival of the fashion house in Switzerland for over 30 years an institution that is become indispensable. You are even a stage on which its your companions can enhance your dress. In-house studio, the dresses are specially designed for you.

Samyra Fashion, Zurich

In addition to a wide selection of bridal and festive mode can be found here too many accessories such as stoles, hair ornaments, ring pillow, gloves and garters.

Brautmode Buy in St. Gallen

Mona Rosa, Bronschhofen

Especially at this bridal shop is that you can looking for used clothing at a very attractive price. In addition to fashion is also the theme "Beauty" is not too short and can be pampered with facials, and other treatments Manicuren.

Gina Sposa, Rapperswil

here can not only dress brides beautiful, but also the smallest guests will find hard clothing. There is also a rental division, which can be rented in clothes for the best.

wedding fashion Fabula, Degersheim

Here you have 2 floors and advisor. Besides many clothes as it is a wide selection of tiaras, veils and exclusive shoes.


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