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A delicious wedding cake belongs difficult to love the party shoes for wedding dress. I had the opportunity to speak with the cake designer Paula "Schmöckt Watch". She and her sister Andrea create in their affairs beautiful wedding cakes, cupcakes, sweet tables and more

Paula and Andrea.? Who are you and how did you come up with the idea of ​​building your business

Andrea married my brother, and so it became part of my family. Now it has become not only my sister, girlfriend, sister and trusts. We share not only our company, but also speaks daily with our families. We live in a production house with my parents, eat, laugh, argue and all live together. Only schlafen..das then everyone is at home. Our children grow up together. Overall, we are December 1-person household. And no, we are not a sect or so .. 🙂

Andrea was born in Brazil. For generations, is cooked in his family. It retains all its revenues top secret in his heart and must now do almost daily what it does best: cooking. For them, it is quite normal for parties, sweet Guarana is a must for any birthday celebration - and if you do not, you are not Brazilian. This is as if you are saying in Switzerland that you eat no cheese 🙂

I was born in Chile and grew up in Switzerland. Food, good food has always been a huge problem in our home. Everything imaginable was celebrated with a family dinner. We always do.

How we came up with the idea of ​​"Schmöckt Guet," we do not know exactly. It is, so to speak, a fusion of different impressions of our childhood, where we made the party a lot. Specifically, there are 4 years old when my mother celebrated her 60th birthday and we gave him the first table Sweet. This was followed by orders of business customers.

Have you already known crazy or particularly touching things with your wedding cakes?

Each wedding cake and everyone Sweet Table is very special for us, in each there is a story. As deep connection that we feel the time we can testify that the wedding couple their table Sweet. Especially nice was when even the groom's mother while earning just grabbed me and hugged, to say thank you to us.


We have an adventurous story to a Hochzeitstorten- delivery experience: Andrea was then heavily pregnant and she was totally convinced that we could deliver this wedding cake 3 levels, which weighed 1 ton, already assembled. They really wanted to know. Well, the cake was perfect. No cracks in fondant, perfectly smooth surface, smelled heavenly. So we started the cake in the luggage compartment, my brother at the wheel, I back in the passenger seat, Andrea. Suddenly she began to cry: Stop, stop, stop .. OMG, the cake collapses! The cake was too little stabilizers and by the weight it began to fall in on itself. We stopped at a gas station to avoid the worst.

So we took at the gas station the cake part. Someone, but had to keep this cake because he could not move. I'm stuck, Andrea panicked and began to cry. I did not want to deliver this cake. We certainly had no time for a long time, if we wanted to deliver the cake on time. So Andrea took the top on the knees and I rode in the trunk and held on the second floor. So we drove on. At the entrance of the road, they stood. Never before we were taken in control, but that day already!

And they stopped. The typical stereotype of the good cop, bad cop we experienced. One of them told my brother and the other looked around the car. In fact, he wanted to let go of us, as the bad cop says to the other: "Bunny gseh coverage that Eini HAND indoor Kofferrumm .." (the expression of this man, I will never forget) He. urged my brother to open the safe. Since I am. Hidden as a Schwerverbrecherin. and the only thing I can say that it is really not the way it looks! I desperately tried to explain everything , is a drama about Andrea and showed their full Babybauch..nix helped. We had the whole protocol to go through the identification show people, tracking, everything. We definitely lost 30 minutes.

I offered the police to bake cupcakes for him if he let go with a bus he refused. "the buses get one way or another, and no, cupcakes, we must not accept . Thank you. "I had to get out of the trunk and we conceded a fine of CHF 250.- thank you God, finally had the whole story has a happy ending. The cake was not soo perfect, but was the cure to their destination Either. our Mission Impossible won honeymooners even notice And we learned our lesson. you can never do enough stabilizers in cake Today, we laugh at this story with the Kofferraum..naja which does nothing! for honeymooners happy?

what a sweet picture?

Imagine you are in front of the table with delicious cupcakes, cakepops sweet, monster regular chocolate brownies, airy mousses, creams fruity, aromatic fruit and crowning the (marriage) -Torte! you must not decide, because you have the choice between all these goodies. A temptation after another. this is a sweet table for us. Hochzeitstorte

Is there a trend in wedding cakes at the moment?

At this time, we receive many requests from customers themselves or for Naked Cakes with various toppings cakes with buttercream or Ganacheüberzug interested in a vintage look.

How do you feel out of talking to your customers, which is good for their wedding? The possibilities are almost endless.

We start by listening. We listen very carefully. It occurs especially during a rehearsal dinner. may our sweet list so the customer can decide what he wants to offer its customers. Above all, they choose too products. We give our recommendations, based on experience and also feminine intuition. I also like watching the customers exactly when they eat our desserts and cakes. That tells me a lot then. The desserts are offered seasonally. Because in September I get not so fresh strawberries as in June / July

Your also offers cooking courses yes. They are also suitable for beginners in the bakery

[1945001?] exactly, the idea was to offer especially for introductory courses. Often we were asked if we could give even cooking classes and not just Dekokurse. We have courses on offer, which is to show with cooking Melter construction and store. Classes are again in the fall instead.

Where to bring your inspirations for your cake creations?

Often the nature, wedding magazines and love Pinterest. But almost always take these cakes their own form of

And finally: What are your personal favorite cake

Andrea loves chocolate - a chocolate fondant.? truffles -Ganache they go for miles. My favorite cake is a typical example of Chile cake I now, with 42 years to get every birthday of my mother. It is called "Torta de mil hojas" - translation: Leaves Tausen dough filled with "manjar" soft and creamy or as they say in Chile "Manjar". There are at least 2 million calories and is extremely thin 😉

Thanks for the exciting week, Paula and you two continuous success and fun with your cake business!

All pictures love this contribution are Sun Photography


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