All about wedding dress preservation

All about wedding dress preservation

All about wedding dress preservation - A wedding dress is something that is used for a day rest at a rest temple life. girl holding paid in advance dresses years before marriage and decades. Often the dresses are hanging cabinets and sometimes on the closet door. Under these conditions, these slowly yellow and red clothes.

"> wedding gown preservation saves a lot of space and it allows homeowners to stop worrying about the state of the dress "

wedding gown preservation -. the process

industry combines the best knowledge and methods of science and experience with conservation of museum collections. archival storage techniques can now be the bridal look after the needs in the same way as textile conservations in museums. conservation process includes the cleaning of garments, chemical treatment (anti-yellowing), spots for inspection and cleaning, pressing, folding and carefully packed in a special sealed container.

removes air from the container and replaced by a mixture of inert gases. companies return the dress to the customer in sealed boxes. The wedding dress is now ready for storage and long-term preservation .

conservation wedding dress has its own characteristics and techniques. The layers may have different cleaning methods, depending on the fabric. The folding dress made with special gloves that protect the possible particles dress, including oil and salt skin conservation technicians. storage containers and folding fabric for wedding dress is different from regular storage boxes that are made of paper. regular paper boxes and folding tissue can the acid of the pump shaft, which remains contained by the process of papermaking. containers conservation wedding dress are usually made of plastic. non-tissue components of the dress can also bring problems in the preservation process. metal details such as zippers can cause rust spots; and plastics can melt or discolor, so Mark.

principle of wedding dress - the cost

All conservation work is usually carried out by professional companies. Sometimes companies only offer airtight containers, to do so that customers all maintenance cleaning, including the folds (and sometimes the distance from the air). high-level specialists perform the complete reconstruction of each dress of the state and all the elements. , it will be back to his best condition before conservation. Some companies offer a guarantee on their work. This guarantee may be up to 20 years.

Price for Full wedding dress preservation services usually cost between 0 to 350 US dollars. The price depends on many factors. It is more expensive, if the design of the dress is more complicated. make layers and an additional volume of the worst rock, which means higher prices. as many dresses with embroidery, beads, Cathedral train or antique fabric for conservation are expensive. Additional fees will be charged if the dress has buffers and spills.

wedding memories - Forever

the result with your dress dream wedding very well preserved, giving the security owner that his dress is in the same state decades from the day it was first. It also helps keep all the emotions and memories of that day. so, if the wedding dress is passed to your children or grandchildren of the time they have the chance to see, touch, or even wear your dress beautiful bride and share in the memory of your magic. day

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