Preserve your wedding gown with these simple tips

Preserve your wedding gown with these simple tips

Preserve your wedding gown with these simple tips ,

1 After D-Day in your life is over, you were exchanged through the ceremonies your vows, now is the time to pay attention to the most expensive clothing - your dream wedding dress. your wedding dress is a memory you will enjoy a lifetime. Therefore, it is important to get them. Here are some tips and simple that will help you store and preserve your dress of rightly married.

Get rid of the stains dress

It is better to your professional cleaning wedding dress within a week or two of the date of marriage cleaned. If you continue to delay, stains (food, a lipstick stain or a glass of wine) can be harder and more durable.

Particularly stain some fabrics such as silk can be permanently on, if you do not do as soon as possible not to clean them. And do not try to remove stains on your own, because they make it look worse.

Using the services of a professional who specializes in preserving wedding gowns. In an expert may be the best cleaning method for the dress used for a view of the fabric of the dress, ornaments and suggest to do the complex work.

Folding labels
Fold bulk wedding dress, so they do not wrinkle. As wedding dresses decorated with beads, pearls and sequins, silk use white acid-free paper between the folds of the bride dress scratch the complicated work to avoid.

Plastic bags are a no-no for long-term storage
the life of your wedding gown depends much on the packaging materials you use. legs before packing your dress in plastic bags. If your dress to keep in a plastic bag for a short time, it is fine. However, plastic bags are very damaging to the long-term storage. They contain chemicals that stain your dress and can cause permanent wrinkles.

Select unbleached muslin
You can customize the ecru wedding dress wrap muslin make a material of ideal packaging. You can also buy a good quality white decide acid-free tissue paper. But not choose the colored tissue paper, as also stain the dress.

"> storage box <br /> </span> <span title="Use an acid-free, vacuum-sealed storage box to store your bridal gown."> Use a waterproof storage box vacuum without acid to store your wedding dress . </span> <span title="You can choose a durable paperboard box which allows the garment to breathe."> You can choose a durable cardboard box, which allows you to breathe the garment. </span> <span title="You can also find boxes with a viewing window that allows you to look at your dress without opening the box."> You can also find boxes with a viewing window, you can see without opening the box to your dress. </span> <span title="Just make sure it is not of plastic."> To ensure that it has not made of plastic. </span> <span title = "Another thing to note is that the box should be spacious so you do not have to adapt too tight dress in the box. </p> <p>"> Another thing to note is that the box should be spacious, so you do not have to match the dress too tight in the box. </span> </p> <p style="text-align:justify;"> <span title = "Light and heat are not good for your wedding dress <br />"> Light and heat are not good for your wedding dress <br /> </span> <span title="Direct light and heat can be damaging for your gown."> the direct light and heat can be harmful to your dress to be. </span> <span title = "Keep your direct light storage box because it can leave a yellow stain on the fabric over time. </p> <p>"> Keep your storage from direct light as a yellow spot to rely on the substance over a period of time. </span> </p> <p style="text-align:justify;"> <span title="In fact, the best place to keep your storage box is under your bed or on the shelf of a closet - the places where direct sunlight doesn't reach."> In fact, the best place to keep your standby storage under your bed or in the closet shelf - where sunlight does not reach. </span> <span title = "And the worst places you shoulderstand not even think about storing your dress are cellar and attic. </p> <p>"> And the worst places you can not even think of saving your dress, are basement and attic. </span> </p> <p style="text-align:justify;"> <span title="You invest so much time and money in getting the perfect designer wedding dress."> You spend a lot of time and money to get the perfect designer wedding dress. </span> <span title="Besides there are always emotions attached to it."> He always emotions are associated. </span> <span title="By looking at the gown, you can cherish the memories of your D-day."> View of the dress, you can cherish the memories of your D-day. </span> <span title="Hence don't spoil its beauty by preserving it wrongly."> Therefore, do not spoil its beauty preserving wrong. </span> <span title = "Follow thesis tips above and your wedding dress will look as beautiful as before you saved. </p> <p>"> Follow these tips above and your wedding dress will be beautiful before being stored. </span> </p> <div class="wpcnt"> <div class="wpa wpmrec"> <div class="u"> <script type='text/javascript'> (function (g) {g .__ ATA.initAd ({sectionid: 26942, width: 300, height: 250});}) (window ); 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