Traveling with a wedding dress

Traveling with a wedding dress

Traveling with a wedding dress ,

Meerjungfrau-Linie Liebsten Satin Hochzeitskleid Before making the final decision to have a destination wedding, it is important to consider all logistics. Regardless if you do not go into choosing a wedding on the beach or just selected a destination that is more convenient for the majority of your guests small details until the last minute. A common challenge for traveling brides is the transport process of the dress - it you are often larger and larger have previewed. A standard wedding dress garment bag is 72 ". A quality bag has a pocket that houses the fullness of a dress. A gusset 10" or 20 "is generally enough for most clothes.

Although, shipping the dress to your wedding destination is an option is strongly discouraged. This there is always the chance that your dress can be damaged, delayed or even lost in transit. while the chance something happens to the dress may be small, it is simply not worth the risk not worth the dress on your wedding. in addition, actually did some transportation planning your dress easily.

traveling by car

This may be the best way to carry your dress because you control. If you have lots of luggage, you pack everything but the dress, then simply place it on top of the bags. Although it is necessary to do your best to avoid folding the dress.

Arriving by plane

This is much more difficult than traveling by car because of luggage restrictions airlines. Put the dress is in checked baggage and not a realistic option, so you really have to take as hand luggage. Since airlines frequently change their baggage policy, be sure to check the conditions a few days before your travel date. Some airlines will not allow a garment bag 72 "standard wedding dress that provide most salons usually, it is important that you specifically ask the airline what is allowed. You can have a 54 to set "bag when traveling by plane, but it is approved, the 72" have bag after the robbery.

the day of travel, you expect your dress is in the luggage compartment, but you can always ask one of the attendants, if they have left the dress in one of the cabinets to be placed during the flight. If you are lucky, they may be coming.

to consider Besides the dress, how you (etc. tiara, veil, shoes) to carry your other accessories. you will probably concentrate on the dress, you check whether a friend or family member does not mind taking care of other articles for you. In most cases, these items can be placed as hand luggage without necessary attention.

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