A young bride carefully tousled

A young bride carefully tousled

A young bride carefully tousled ,

a young bride carefully tousled

Lleva el pelo suelto en tu boda
Although it may seem curious or perhaps unthinkable many brides choose to wear your hair for the big day . It is an option, but certainly, but when deciding and take, you must ensure that your dress is beautiful like that.

for me, I'll stay with romantic dresses, not too tight, but some ethereal and entertainment accessories. This is generally the whole is harmonious and nothing out of the air.

Una novia con estilo natural y desenfadado

The best wear her hair is the style is much more natural and relaxed, also do not have to take off kilos and kilos fork before bed, although at first glance it may seem a detail not to consider when you want to die with the fatigue and all these forks around to the araquiri. I know of one that has swollen to remove hairpins wedding night ...

The hair loose and straight is very elegant, but if this is your day, I recommend you give it a spin and if your choice is wear loose, bet on one of these "hirsute" we teach you.

Another option is to create waves and fresh out of the pool, that with a makeup that enhances your tan and be a mermaid whole day of your wedding.

You can always add accessories to give more importance and customize your hairstyle. Among my favorites are the flowers that give a very naive air Bride (if you choose this option remember if natural flowers please!), I also like the forks or vintage pins, and even if the first you do not call attention to a feather headdress can be very chic (I took ;))

I liked these photos of the parade of Emilio Pucci:

Fotos desfile Emilio Pucci

And I leave you with these wonderfully inspiring images ... Good luck with your choice !!

novia con el pelo suelto

Novia cuidadosamente despeinada

Una novia cuidosamente despeinada

Novia con el pelo suelto

Novia con el pelo suelto

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