The rolling hairdressers make the dream real long hair

The rolling hairdressers make the dream real long hair

The rolling hairdressers make the dream real long hair ,

Long and thick hair is the epitome of femininity for many. But in a year, normal hair grows up to 12 cm - until the hair is long and dense, it often takes several years. The rolling hairdressers have found a way, the desire for a long voluminous hair to respond within hours: Hair Extensions and Hair Thickening of Great Lengths. This mobile service they offer at several locations throughout Germany.


Simple and easy long hair in your own home come

hair soft, long and large falls, completely natural and also looks feels - that offers HairExtensionSale of Great Lengths with real hair. Read selected as partners the world leader in the Rolling Hairdressers hair extensions how fast, easy and simple dream of long hair can be true. Mobile hairdressers are trained to the incorporation of human hair strands and convinced of the quality of products. With their mobile wheelchair Hairdressers and offer even more comfort: the lengthy procedure, including the constitution and section check-up takes place in their own home customer


real wonderful hair with a quality guarantee

The rolling hairdressers offer in cooperation with Great Lengths extensions in any color and length. The hair comes from India and is similar to the structure of the genetic basis of European hair. The hairs are cut by the women on the occasion of a religious wedding ceremony and leave voluntarily. The Rohhaar is then processed in Italy, in several stages, so that it remains in its natural state. One difference between the Great Lengths strands of natural hair and can not be seen.

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Before Haarverlänngerung and after: show Wheeled hairdressers Heidelberg as ensure 40cm long hair extensions for length and volume.

The perfect link between extensions and own hair

The connection right between the own hair and hair extensions leaves hair not only looks very natural, it gives the user the assurance that hold the extensions. Great Lengths developed a bond, which are not visible and strands and your own hair attack. The Rolling Hairdressers activate with ultrasonic waves junctions which are so flat that they are not noticeable from day even in an updo. The security device to mobile hairdressers in their home visit with. At a distance of about one centimeter of the scalp and own hair extension be linked - the hair and scalp assumes no damage


multiple styles for each type

That extra long mane in natural colors or cut funky layered fashion colors - Great Lengths hair extensions offer all possibilities the length, style and color. The rolling hairdressers advise their customers to find the right hair extension. Many customers have already realized the dream of long hair - often in front of large events such as own wedding. They can count on years of experience in mobile hairdressers lengthening and thickening hair.

Learn more about the hair extension in mobile hairdressing service, you can read

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