Looks of the week :! Bridal outfits with flashy accessories

Looks of the week :! Bridal outfits with flashy accessories

Looks of the week :! Bridal outfits with flashy accessories ,

Hello, a week all go with our seems inspired . We generally focus on invitation and girlfriends for pre and post-wedding moments, but this time we wanted to get some held ideals bride and different out of the routine and add color and elegance to your wedding dress.

So to all those who are looking like a fool the look of your dreams for such an important day, we give you some ideas. If, however, you already have the design but do not know how to combine, go for style accessories we teach. They are grazing!

The following dresses are ideal for combining with flowers, a crown as Lito & Lola are the perfect ingredient to put the spark to set. And when combined with shoes in tone pink or nude, as in the first case and the second or Azulon, triumph!.

David Christian, Lito & Lola y Jimmy Choo.

Dress: David Christian; Wreath: Lito & Lola; Shoes: Jimmy Choo


Pronovias, Lito & Lola y Pura López.

Wedding Dresses: Pronovias; Wreath: Lito & Lola; Shoes: Lodi


Another style of classic bride is perfectly reflected in these outfits. In the first case a magnificent Rosa Clara adorned with fine back rhinestones and glamorous . You do not have too much adornment, just a nice little earrings and some glitter shoes these rooms, which are perfect.

Rosa Clará, Aristocrazy y Jimmy Choo.

Colour: Rosa Clara; Pentientes: Aristocrazy; Shoes: Jimmy Choo


prononemos this last aspect that we like !, try to combine simple dresses with bold earrings and manages to provide much more light to your face. If they are golden, you can combine them with shoes of the same color, how are you monísimas Pura Lopez sandals. Top of the most Pronovias, Casilda Finat MC y Pura López. Colour: Pronovias;! Earrings: Casilda Finat TM; Footwear: Pura López


What do you think? Would you have liked ?. As with colorful accessories, you can encourage your wedding dress and look different from the rest, you know that we love.

B-different !!

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