Wedding Film: "27 Dresses"

Wedding Film: "27 Dresses"

Wedding Film: "27 Dresses" ,

Ewig the bridesmaid, never the bride. This is Jane (Katherine Heigl) fate. Already 27 times, she was maid of honor and helped a friend to enter marital bliss. For your own love life because there is no time. And remains one full of honor bridesmaids dresses cabinet. When she meets the repeated struggle for the bridal bouquet to the cynical Koluminsten Kevin (James Marsden), there are only stichelndes bickering. This Janes secret love, her boss George also wants to marry her younger sister, Jane and even organize celebrations, also does not allow.

lively and charming Katherine Heigl takes on the challenge of previous queens of romantic comedy, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock and Meg Ryan to inherit, and makes a cute figure. Many entanglements and chaotic spark between Heigl and James Marsden as Kevin canvas partner make love comedy film perfect date

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