Wedding Movie "Runaway Bride"

Wedding Movie "Runaway Bride"

Wedding Movie "Runaway Bride" ,

When Ike Graham (Richard Gere), a famous New York newspaper columnist, once again the time or has ideas for his column he committed recognizing the history of the small town beauty Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts) to: Their specialty is to let the men standing at the altar regularly. As against him suggests a wave of indignation by the cynical statement, he seeks proof of his thesis of the murderous vamp - on site. Maggie tower also has a plan - revenge. And what is to come: misunderstandings, accusations, intrigues. And at the end of the realization: What teases himself


Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman finally back together before the camera. Julia Roberts is funny as always, but eventually they will simply take on a leash, so they do not always go before the altar of it.

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