"And I with this hair !!!! Hairstyles parts.

"And I with this hair !!!! Hairstyles parts.

"And I with this hair !!!! Hairstyles parts. ,

there a few days ago, we received a suggestion of faithful reader (thank you for having us). This year many marriages and already thinking about what will be, what do the hair, makeup, shoes and other accessories and asked for our help. Girls, I need you! and we fill orders from our readers (you know anything of writing) and we got to work, look and rebuscamos and now we leave you with these amazing hairstyles. And we hope you inspire

began with manes melenazas ... you can do many things .. Updo, braids, hair in the wind, semirecogidos, infinite possibilities

And my great predilection: Waves YEARS 20

now it short bob (or mane) hair, we leave you these pictures coj√°is new ideas.

We would like to know that is the one you like the most and for any occasion would use it.
as appropriate bold player wants to send us a photo of him and watch the peinadito I wear to the wedding of her sister or the christening of his cousin or casual hairstyle that you use for multiple occasions because it saves you from many ... everything is welcome and everything is inspiring. Our mail is envidienmiboda@gmail.com

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