The perfect wedding guest -To find the best look for her wedding

The perfect wedding guest -To find the best look for her wedding

The perfect wedding guest -To find the best look for her wedding ,

Spring is here and or other torments so slowly the question: What should I wear as a wedding guest at the next wedding?

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in order to provide customers with a support women's team rolling hairstyle has the following advice for a smooth surface. occurrence

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trend or not: White and all shades of cream are the bride and reserved a taboo for customers. Of course, small color accents are allowed as long as the color does not dominate.

Even black is frowned upon. However, if you want to enjoy the perfect little black dress, you can choose loosen with colorful accessories.

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choosing the color of the bridesmaid honor should be discussed in the best case with the bride. If the bride have a color preference, of course, it is advisable to put all efforts to fulfill this desire.

If the bride does not request a specific color, it is advisable to choose discreetly. Clear uniform color without striking patterns are best suited here. You do not want the bride to steal the show, right?

sizing dresses may still with beautiful accessories, such as a statement string updated, especially as non-maid of honor 😉



Basically, it is advisable to adapt its accessories to the overall look. Choose the same tone in shoes and handbag. Perfect, if it is the jewel contains the same color as the shoes and hand bags.

When choosing your handbag, you should definitely opt for a clutch. The big shopper or shoulder bags have to watch a wedding and not allowed to stay at home.


The type of footwear should be chosen wisely. It is a festive occasion including party shoes with some sales are desired. If you can not run too long in high heels, just take a few ballerinas custom color. They allow a little time for your feet during the celebration.

It is also helpful to wear a stole or a tonal Bollero fine with him. It can often be quite cool for late hours at a wedding.

Standesamt vs. Marriage:

Usually should be chosen on a civil marriage, classic style sober. With a shift dress or a short A-line, you can not go wrong. Also pay attention to color: Here discrete or darker tones more appropriate than a colorful colors. The bright colors, you are welcome to live with animated patterns on long dresses for the wedding party

to hide a small point cushion. Choose a dress with ruffles, multiple layers or cascade. These tips will help you remove the unwanted parts. Otherwise, the form offers slipper, also called "Bauchweg" -Höschen, a remedy against the pesky cushion runs in tight dresses.


replacement dress

you're not a fan of clothes? No problem! It may not always be the little black dress. How about a party skirt? This requires, short sleeve blouse, close and a nice blazer. Again helping a chic statement necklace or a fancy belt.

Or rather a pants suit? Here recommend tight pants. Unfortunately, high shoes are required. . As a shell a fine silk blouse is recommended

The following links you will find some useful online stores that offer many variations for weddings customer

These tips will help you look perfect as a wedding guest at the next celebration. The team of Hairdressers Rolling wish you a successful implementation and joy in the celebration.

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