What the rain did not

What the rain did not

Corunna, London or New York. .. are the three cities I live throughout my life. Each is very different from the last, but all have one thing in common: moisture. You might think something is unimportant, but when you thin and prone to frizz hair, this climate makes eye care hair becomes a constant struggle. In today's post I want to share some tips that I use in my daily fight against rain and moisture without going crazy.

I not every day the time to use dryer, iron or curling iron, so it is very important to seek treatment. In my case is the shampoo and conditioner Suave and Pantene Smooth, part of my routine and help me to prevent frizz, providing the scalp while the hydration necessary for this problem does not occur.

have hydrated hair from the inside, it is even easier prevent frizz in rainy days, but you can also play with different hairstyles, even help you create a more defined look. In fact, you can get hair to work with big waves, from the middle of the hair to the ends, and after finishing, fixing the hairstyle with Perfect Volume hairspray clearly mark how you get the movement and volume but controlled.

do not usually use umbrella term because eventually forget all, but as you all know, I am a fan of hats; a way to complete the look and frizz without complicating their lives. Not everyone is encouraged to use but are very useful in such cities as La Coruña or London, where you can sunrise with the sun and the rain, at midday, as if the open skies. In such cases, I usually choose to wear their hair in the wind, but always with a certain dry Pantene Repair & Protect Oil to add shine and texture.

another of my tips for rainy days is to create a look over worked, such as braids, a ponytail or a bun under light. This way, you get to have controlled the hair at all times be very essential in day of more work, where every minute counts and you can not stop and think whether the hair is still as you left it when you leave the house. I leave some examples for you to see what you can do with the hair in these cases.

is always important to use the right products to withstand hairstyles while hair care, get healthy, shiny and full of appearance of strength, make your outfits are stronger.

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