Marriage in Abruzzo: when love is on the limit

Marriage in Abruzzo: when love is on the limit

Marriage in Abruzzo: when love is on the limit ,

In recent years, it has accentuated the exodus abroad or in other cities young Abruzzo.

More and more because of the study or the many youth work has been forced to move from the home sites for failing to return more.

Today we talk of expatriate Abruzzo weddings!

We of Wind events more and more often to arrange marriages for "mixed" couples who live in major Italian cities or 'abroad.

We had a couple formed by un'abruzzese, Carla and un'emiliano, Manuel, who met in Bologna during his university studies, and not separated.

They decided married Abruzzo to choose a location that could accommodate their friends who came even from abroad.

They fell in love with Semivicoli Castle and particularly appreciated the proximity of a church, it made the stay of the guests certainly easier!

Everything was done in the same place with a distance between the church and the castle of only 10 meters!

another couple was that of Alessandra and Luca!

The Abruzzo, Ligurian he lives in Milan and they married Abruzzo !

seem very complicated stuff but through our remote assistance, skype calls, many e-mails and the creation of a website specifically for their wedding, we were able to give birth to a beautiful wedding arranged!

Luca and Alessandra married at Villa Raspa Spoltore Pescara, then celebrated a year restaurant for weddings near Teramo do at night in the same hotel and accommodation nearby those who came from outside the region ... there was a wedding LIGURIA + ABRUZZO

Then there was last August Alessia and Gianpio ... .It Puglia she Parma and both living in Milan.

For their marriage were mobilized from all over Italy!

A dream wedding where the ceremony took place in Atri Cathedral and then go to the party in a note Silvi location for weddings.

A perfect marriage in Abruzzo!

Recently, we have been contacted by couples living abroad.

She Pescarese English, lives in London with the desire to organize a wonderful bilingual ceremony!

Even we came in contact with an Italian mother and a resident expatriate in Australia, where she married and had a beautiful daughter.

For the marriage of his daughter wanted to realize the dream of a wedding in his native Abruzzo, where he still has ties with relatives and friends.

The Australian girl also moved to London, where she lives with her partner who was also Australian.

To be able to talk to my mother prendavamo telematic appointments only early in the morning due to the time zone and we felt with her daughter and all were referring in Inglese!

A fantastic experience ... .it's nice to see that even if it is millions of kilometers away, the roots with the soil remains very strong and stable!

and Abruzzo become the destination increasingly popular for destination wedding , namely weddings for foreign couples!

increasingly the English, Irish, Americans who choose ... Abruzzo for their wedding in Italy !

Just last season we organized a wedding in Texas Semivicoli castle ... .a civil marriage followed by a symbolic ceremony and finally an intimate dinner in the dream castle garden! A wedding with a total of 8 people!

To read the history of this marriage in Abruzzo here !

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