wedding venues in Switzerland, part 3

wedding venues in Switzerland, part 3

wedding venues in Switzerland, part 3 ,

Heiraten auf dem Zugersee © Schifffahrtsgesellschaft für den Zugersee AG

Image Source © shipping company for Lake Zug AG

in the first 2 posts this series (part 1 and part 2 here here) we presented some beautiful wedding locations in Switzerland. In the rest of this series, we'll introduce you to some other places where you can enjoy your special day.

Marriage about to Canton

The area around Lake Zug offers many beautiful scenes to enjoy the wedding day. Here are some highlights, we have identified to you as a service.

weddings on Lake Zug

How about a mobile wedding location where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset on Lake Zug ? The Zugersee Schiffahrts AG offers you the opportunity to enjoy the maritime feeling on the lake with your family. All with views of the Rigi, the queen of the mountains and the railway station.

restaurant Villette Cham

Located in the beautiful park on Lake Zug, this listed building is a unique place for your most beautiful day. Built in 1865, it stretches over a park with lots of trees and offers a wonderful view of Lake Zug. The villa and park offer a unique backdrop for your wedding photos.

Cottage Risch

This charming country house has also its magnificent views of the lake and the Alps. But you are different rooms available, including an outdoor lounge.

Hafenrestaurant Train

The restaurant with the most beautiful terrace and lounge on the lake. Fresh fish has a particularly delicious taste when you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Alps as a side dish. And if you is the time Gotthold, get you and your wedding guests as a dessert still a spectacular sunset free.

Hotel Morgarten directly Ägerisee

Much more picturesque than the small but Ägerisee you can not imagine Switzerland. In this historically important place for Switzerland can be married with a beautiful view - and thus laid the foundations of their own history are placed as a married couple


Zugerberg restaurant

Those who do not want to party on the lake itself, but rather with a spectacular view that can do that for example in the restaurant Zugerberg. The restaurant seats up to 130 people. Besides the beautiful views as the very special place that you are traveling by cable car - you and your guests offer a great experience factor


Do you know another big wedding in the Canton train?


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