Hottest Wedding Hair Trends 2017 Pretty, Cute And Elegant

Hottest Wedding Hair Trends 2017 Pretty, Cute And Elegant

The new year has finally begun. Even everyday life has now slowly taken in life his place.
The comfortable and contemplative holidays are unfortunately, but either of these ladies is probably with new plans for the new year.

hot days in close company is often seen as a cause of the most beautiful question: will you marry me

as well, the new year is perfect to start wedding planning? . Of course, the team of Hairdressers Rolling support the planning of their customers and presents new hairstyle trends 2017 wedding:

flowers Flowery Bride

the latest trend among bridal hairstyles 2017 flowers in the updo. Gravity is set aside and a classic that adds extra. The imagination knows no boundaries. That plain surrounded by fine curls in large Blumenpracht on Dutt, or very extravagant with large roses. Leave bloom their perfect lock

Rapunzel, let down your hair

Many brides like long hair. Especially among brides are long hair fashionable. So it is a pity to hide beautiful and long hair in a bun, or?

The new trend in 2017 comes quite handy. Long hair can be worn in this very simple and open cases. light curls are welcome, but not a must. Who chooses a very elaborate dress and / or veil itself, which is such a hairstyle also highly recommended, because even as a wife, it is often called. Too much is also as a not always pleasant fiancée

The new straw braid as eye-catcher

braids: popular Oktoberfest and farms. Now the familiar hairstyle comes with a new look, as Fischgratzopf. Increasingly, the new trend is to be seen in the streets of Germany. Locker and braided with small highlights, like a tiara, pearls and other accessories, the new tresses is wonderfully suitable as bridal hairstyle. This hairstyle is reminiscent of a fairytale character and what the bride would not want a princess on her big day?

short and concise indulgent extravagance?

, brides with short hair in this current year can not be overlooked. This year it is the extravagance developed. The last cry for brave women is the lateral Flechfrisur. The bride has one or more braids temple backwards. Again, imagination

is limitless. These are just some examples of new trends bridal hairstyle 2017. course, are the classic pillars is always beautiful. The main thing in choosing the right hairstyle: The bride must love and it has to feel right, then a happy day, nothing stands in the way of ,,,

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