A dream come true vintage

A dream come true vintage

A dream come true vintage ,

The wedding of Catherine and Nils stood from the beginning under the slogan "vintage". It should be a very unusual marriage with a lot of heart. For over a year, they put in the wedding planning, sacrificed here and went here about some obstacles. But in the end, it was worth it: it was her dream wedding


Katharina and Nils live in Berlin, but they wanted to get married at their home in Velbert, surrounded by her family and best friends. Both are very active in their native parish and it was so clear after some considerations they wanted to get married there in church. For Catherine, it was clear from the start that they wanted to do much itself. She sews himself happy and loves to be creative. Therefore, they also wanted a very large number of ideas to implement. It was therefore very concept of private and very personal decor that much work and effort required, but in the end all umhaute really easy.

First, many ideas were collected, which then slowly molded to form an overall image. Many places were visited and seemed to find the perfect setting for this wedding. It was clear from the start that both wanted a casual wedding, with barbecue included.

After many considerations, Katharina and Nils had, but decided to celebrate in the parish hall of their church. This was the place where they connect many memories and so they wanted their wedding day where people share their happiness. This also had the advantage that they had more of a change of venue after the church ceremony. But it was also a challenge to transform the 'naked' Hall in a fixed location.

But this challenge, both presented with passion and inventiveness. Katharina had begun several months before the wedding to buy the dishes on vintage flea markets around Berlin. For muffins and homemade cookies should be served in the afternoon of the wedding on these plates. They also looked for small and large vases on flea markets together, which should be used for table decoration.

To achieve the perfect ambiance vintage birdcages Katharina purchased in different sizes, different glasses decorated with lace borders and cans collected for the church flower decoration. Even the box for the church books, they landed for a few euros on the flea market. The books of the church were an unusual combination of paper and an "envelope" of tissue, the bride had sewed again. As the old windows were replaced in his apartment in Berlin against the new, Katharina reluctant and Nils long, and have kept the old windows. Some should be found as decoration also on their use difficult. And so I went two days before his marriage to two cars packed Berlin in Velbert to decorate their wedding entirely in vintage style.

The church wedding was supposed to be held outside on the lawn in front of the church. Unfortunately, there was, but less rain in the day before the wedding, the wedding was postponed, but in the church. But inside the atmosphere and the vintage theme came forward. In the chancel area of ​​old boxes and bouquets stood in boxes and glass vases, self-made cushions were scattered on chairs and were standing in the aisles of large boxes filled with baby's breath.

should work just as easy and simple as possible after the ceremony. Customers simply need to feel comfortable. In the afternoon took place contrary classic homemade wedding cake muffins, cupcakes and cakepops. Sweets were distributed on racks and pie plates, which also came from flea markets or parental stock. A particular eye-catcher was the candy bar carefully designed. It was on an old tea basket from the house of the mother of the bride. Sweet things had been filled in large glasses, which were decorated with lace trims. Even Wimpelkette was the bride herself sewn.

A sitting area in the main conference room should always give to guests at the occasion ceremony, the time to enjoy and relax. As Nils is a great Lesefan even his old Karl May books were part of the decoration. In the corner, the two old tea chests were worried. Hay bales of farmers served with blankets as seating. Even sewn cushions of the bride completed this unusual show, but beautiful.

For more gifts of an old trunk was ready. Also for the guestbook Catherine had set up a small old suitcase in which was the pins. The book had a girlfriend of the bride herself bound.

In the evening we went to the beautifully decorated tables that were under long panels of white fabric. Candles, candles and wildflowers in different vases welcomed the guests. Nameplates guests were associated with a small bag of flower seeds - a small thank you to guests, also home of Catherine


In this vintage wedding was really as you imagined. Simply magical!

All photos Seel Photodesign, www.seel-hochzeitsfotografie.de

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