Selecting the right wedding dress

Selecting the right wedding dress

Selecting the right wedding dress ,

If you read my blog for the first time, you may be very surprised if you know that the author is a guys. Yes, man !!!

1 many friends thought my blog had visited that my wife, who already share their thoughts.

They were very surprised when I said I'm their the blogger.

Anyway, does not matter. What is most important is that you benfit from my post.

back in time, I'm in wedding studio with my wife selecting her clothes.

I remembered that we took pictures of all wedding dress she tried to use our mobile phones with cameras.

Photos were really useful when my mother-in-law or aunts wanted to see how the clothes looked like taking.

Furthermore, we have as a reference when we wanted to see what it looked like when we got home. This was to ensure that they made the best choice at this stage could make it in time.

in addition, we could see the pictures of our wedding scrapbook which we do not have time to use was not far ...

So, remember to take pictures of yourself in bridal dresses in the selection:

FYI 1.

. 2 Which of your parents or relatives Zealous

. 3 < "Souvenir. 4 For

" title = span> For the production in an album

. 4 When the memory

And here are some more pictures of wedding dresses for your reference ... remember the dress selection tips I gave in the previous post on the choice of dress of marriage.

Go on my wedding blog for future reference. See you there.

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