If you say "yes" to a wedding couture dress?

If you say "yes" to a wedding couture dress?

If you say "yes" to a wedding couture dress? ,

A-Linie Schatz Kapelle Zug Tüll Hochzeitskleid It seems the word "Couture" is lately becoming more and more compared to all types of clothing wedding dresses are no exception. Brides are naturally references of "Couture" when shopping for her clothes because it "sounds good" said. There are too many more before him, but to understand such a large purchase.

What are the wedding dresses sewing anyway?

Do not feel bad if you are confused! "Couture" is a very misunderstood and misused term. No coincidence: the use and abuse have naturally led people on the path of confusion


Couture comes from the French term "haute couture", which literally means "high sewing" or "high fashion". Haute Couture used in France for a term that refers to exclusive fashion houses in France: Chanel, Christian Dior and others. Not only vaguely, it was (and is!), Auto-regulated, the use of high-fashion term in their advertising. (You need to love the French -.! How sticklers for rules, I can say I am half French)

In order to qualify to use the term, the Couture houses to certain criteria, the main one of which is to meet custom clothes for the design of private clients. This is the main feature of the opposition to "Ready to Wear" "Couture". Couture is made individually for each client and Pret-a-Porter (ready-to-wear) certain predetermined sizes product

Let us return to wedding dresses, even if it seems that you custom ordering your dress ", from a bridal shop, the vast majority (I would say over 99%, but do not quote me !) Made for variable pre-determined and thus actually ready-to-wear. The term itself is somewhat misleading because any boutique owner will tell you, the chances of your wedding dress you ordered (though in your size) installation that you are perfect ultra thin! You have changes that can be expensive. The cost of changes of such surprise that I recommend getting deals on the changes, before you buy your dress from a shop if you go this route.

OK, so if Couture wedding dresses are all custom made, several producers have sizes stock Wedding Dresses lines with "couture" made in the name? In a word: marketing. Even though "Couture" technically means to measure because savvy clothing labels have used the term "high-end" or "Designer" means consumers have begun the importance of knowing how to interpret exactly. Hence all the confusion!

So, how true couture wedding dress you ask? Now if you are over $ 40,000 to part with, you can see whether one of the few big names designer wedding dress is a custom wedding dress for you. Or you can Google "custom wedding dresses" and find a couture service that will cost much less to be! You should probably "virtual relationship" with the designer with the term. You also need your measurements taken by a professional to ensure that your dress is the solution you want.

Do your research carefully: you will be reassured that the couturier understands exactly what you want and need. Look for a company that encourages you to call them. You also want a company that will have a designer sketch your dress, look before it's done. There is a charge for this extra service, but it is worth considering what is at stake.

Why the concept of tailoring worthy of such obsession and even laws? It seems cliché, but you need to know to fully understand. It is all about form and in wedding dresses, there is nothing more important! Imagine walking down the aisle, and you start to feel your dress slipping a bit - or maybe a lot. It will show on your face to some extent. The precious time that you can then be unnecessarily stolen from you!

This is exactly why more and more brides choose to have their clothes custom made. Not only that, her dress fit perfectly, it is the exact design they want. Well, that is worthy to say "I want".

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