American-style wedding in Abruzzo

American-style wedding in Abruzzo

American-style wedding in Abruzzo ,

Welcome back and forgive the prolonged absence!
I would tell you about a very special couple! Both spouses experienced during a wedding day in Teramo restaurant! Donjeta and Alessio . A couple strainnamorata ... from the first meeting with them, we immediately perceived the strong and stable bond between them, a bond already strongly reinforced by the birth of a beautiful baby!
had opted for a civil ceremony but they wanted was magical, romantic and well designed! Here we entered the stadium, we wind of events!

He explicitly asked to take care of ceremony and fittings , so we created a project ad hoc for them, reflecting as individuals and as that couple! We proposed the joint ceremony in the garden directly in the restaurant.
The bride wanted a bouquet of blue hydrangeas so we have developed a very sophisticated set-up with all blue hydrangeas!

A gazebo white wrought iron enriched with towels white orchids and garlands organza was the venue of the ceremony, the nave of the ceremony was the square decorated with curly structures with blue hydrangeas balls hanging, white ground rose petals!








ceremony was deeply felt by the couple and by all present! To enrich certainly was promise written in his own hand by the couple who had inevitably moved all in these words was their history ... they met and fell in love at first sight, after two months, the decision to live together after four months, the wonderful surprise to be three, and finally the decision of the crown and strengthen their love with marriage! In short a wedding in the garden as the sun in the middle of US !


a successful event thanks to the collaboration of our agency with the best professionals as in this case Faieta Flowers created for us compositions and bouquet .

We thought the marriage of a logo, a theme which fully reflects the meaning of this day, a common tattoo depicting the couple with their child has become a symbol of their wedding! this logo and the words "a + D = F" were on the details of the preparations. Again raised customized farms tattoo and did little to announce the marriage of his parents arrived!

The favors were wonderful craft candles with custom written "a + D = F" on the table with ribbons and lanterns hung with orchids son and crystal balls with heavenly hydrangeas, he also reported their tattoo! also to preserve, develop, we scattered on the table stamps with wedding logo "A + D = F"






the centers were splendid glass bowls with floating blue hydrangeas and surrounded by candles and white petals ... ..romantici atmosphere and great!






in short, a dream wedding in Abruzzo !
All they had always dreamed was realized! What we can do Vento Business events for honeymooners: personalized weddings , custom, designed, designed and built around the bride and groom! Donjeta Alessio and will always remain in our memories as one of the most romantic weddings and felt!
us with our work, we have the chance and the honor to share one of the most exciting and important times for a couple!
Access to a man moved expect his future wife with their baby in her arms is something that shakes inside, which makes us think of the power of that feeling and what deserves to be always at the center of our lives!
this wedding testifies that you can create something unique, clean, figures prohibitively expensive , but giving life to a marriage that makes sense, a goal! In addition, we can give a lot of couples and belief or because of previous marriages are forced to fall back on a civil ceremony, a dream wedding and not considered "Series B", but marriages with "M" capitalized !

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