Real weddings. shabby chic wedding Pescara

Real weddings. shabby chic wedding Pescara

Real weddings. shabby chic wedding Pescara ,

Today I will speak of a sweet couple, Christine and Pino

These newlyweds when they came into our office had already called different things, and were looking for someone who direzionasse and give ideas for their wedding preparations.

a shabby chic wedding Pescara

bride, as often happens, I was shown the photos taken from the Internet to make me understand what she loved most, his style was unquestionably shabby chic !

And we focused on very romantic solutions, with crude and refined materials and choosing a contrasting pastel shades such as taupe, which is among the most used in this season!

I still remember the discussions in the office between the bride and bride on the space ... eventually won the groom and his idea was very successful! I'll tell you later!

start from the beginning, the couple opted for civil ceremony and thus chose a classic structure with a municipality that gave the opportunity to celebrate the civil ceremony on site.

a pretty stone structure with a magnificent sea view was part of this beautiful and sweet wedding.

Since we chose a shabby chic style we suggested the joint a delicate construction, with the fog hanging hearts interspersed with flower garlands ... all expertly made by Faieta flowers!


bridal bouquet was white peonies with small rhinestone in the center.

the wedding dress was very delicate, tall, with a gray belt dove, elegant and refined.

to create the atmosphere that we added niches many lit candles , the effect was provided.

groom waiting visibly moved his wife, the ceremony was celebrated by an acquaintance who had the right to delegate the mayor, so a more personalized ceremony.

During the service the couple fondly called "I love you" was beautiful and exciting, expression of the common use, but which at that time had a broader meaning and was full of hope and joy.

After the ceremony a drink to all customers and then off to the buffet of appetizers.

shabby chic picture of the wedding

for entrance into the room we had chosen to welcome guests with a chic wedding table shabby, white wrought tree iron with hanging candles, ribbons and fresh flowers .


from the fireplace room was enriched with fresh peonies in glass tubes, centers were really crummy cages with enclosed lighted candles buds of daisies and chamomile, simplicity, sophistication and style.

the names of the tables?

Meetings of flavors, perfect combinations such as oysters and champagne and chocolate and chili.

to round off the meal, delicious sweet table with chocolates, candies, truffles, mushmallow and small themed cakes ! A feast for the eyes and palate!

In short, a wedding surrounded style accessories, sober but refined with the center of a beautiful couple, full of love!

To immortalize wedding Christine and Pino, StudioImpressions.

Happy birthday guys and thank you again for choosing us.

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