Four Weddings in Abruzzo:. Who will win

Four Weddings in Abruzzo:. Who will win

Four Weddings in Abruzzo:. Who will win ,

Hello everyone, yesterday I saw the new television season in the new program

is a program for me fun because it makes me smile, but I do not particularly because of the many times to find the limits of taste.

However, today I am inspired by this program and see which helps us choose the winner!

Let me you four marriages arranged by us Windward events say and I wish you, our readers, commentaste leaving the vows, as brides.

I ask you to give a polling place, event and dress for each marriage; we exclude food because you could not judge its quality tasteless.

Help us decide the best wedding đŸ˜‰


The first marriage call it rock.

A civil marriage in the town of Sant'Angelo City celebrated by a dear friend, full of emotion and tears.

A dinner with the guests in a suggestive position statement in Silvi (I hope you recognize the photos)

A vegan menu with small concessions vegetarian buffet appetizers and one sweet.

A live band rock who hosted the evening with great music hits.

A exhibition inspired by the world of rock.

A guitar, a plate and a pentagram mega act as on the table.



A LP with expensive vintage album covers for spouses, was stuck in the centers.

The placeholders are candles in the shape of a guitar ...... and then corner booth make fun party time!


The bride in a white dress slipped that fully reflected in the apparent simplicity, a draped bodice and a skirt that flows horizontally and ethereal, all carefully supervised by a long braid!


the second marriage would call country chic theme travel.

A dynamic sparkling wedding, full of life.

A religious ceremony made even more beautiful by addobbo country but chic, .

Belles compositions in pastel tones inserted in boxes of fruits and ball daisies and lanterns, made by Faieta juxtaposed Flowers.


The bride's gown was light, exhilarating, simple in form but in the precious fabric and fully reflects.

The liveliest part of EXENTIA Liveband .

The location chosen for the event is a very diverse place with a warm and welcoming that the right combination of rustic and ethnic structure that gives a unique and individual design.

The menu chosen by the couple was a menu with a buffet of mixed starters, paella and grilled amberjack at the time, both first and second meat, a buffet of fruit and cakes in the supericco variety and abundance and a super-made cake from Simo theme designer country cake with cake topper but Up themed trip.



The tlabeau was a globe their trips and a set of boxes, lanterns and cages scene ... so much atmosphere.


The third marriage call Tres chic, .

An elegant wedding, rich in refined details, the affable ... classic choice, but refined and sophisticated.

bride's dress was a beautiful silk made in Italy proposed to the bride by " workshop wives Caroline Di Giacomo .

The images of Gradisca Wonder Photo .


The theme was the wine of the date was chosen or suggestive Castle Semivicoli , a beautiful house surrounded by vineyards of the area MASCIARELLI.

The church of choice was near the castle, small but romantic parried by Faieta flowers with classic taste but never granted.


The wedding was salmon pink.

The centers were rich raised glass compositions.

The table consisted placecard positioned on the caps.

The music of Matthew Incarnate framed the event.


The fourth marriage call Zen.

Ispiratoci by the wedding couple have given their proximity to Zen philosophy.

A civil marriage " ex Aurum Columns with greenery and bamboo flowers made by Applied Faieta Flowers.

At the restaurant, a glamorous place in the hills of Montesilvano, a Zen setting page or in accordance with the canons of Zen philosophy, then go to use natural materials for exterior construction.

in centers made with 3 rolls and flowers and candles inside .


The space bamboo twist to continue living after marriage!


A marriage that later became mega party with live music.

The color of the grapes of the bride, attracted flower children thanks to the choice of a dissolved shock framed by a wreath! Vintage Very chic!

Which do you prefer?

They are all beautiful and special joint entrusted to us!

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