Real Weddings: Wedding castle

Real Weddings: Wedding castle

Real Weddings: Wedding castle ,

Here we are with a new story for you :. To the history of S + P, a wonderful couple of

we experienced on the occasion of demand more romantic wedding there might be. A Semivicoli suites in the castle , a full stack of candles and petals, a blanket in front of the fireplace, a bouquet of red roses.

A magical atmosphere, full of emotions.

Following the proposal, the bride and groom decided to count on us for the wedding.

we created designed their wedding and civil ceremony in particular and symbolic.

the choice of the symbolic ceremony

is correct, the couple opted for a symbolic ceremony in the enchanted garden of the castle.

a ceremony which could represent their entire relationship, their history, their lives everyday, brief experience.

An intimate and moving wedding in Abruzzo


so it was a ceremony [officiƩeparunami who had seen their entire history love, who knew them, knew how their love was born and how it has grown over time, the deep feeling that unites and becomes increasingly springing up to take the fateful yes.

An intimate wedding, only 11 people.

Yeah 11 people, including friends and relatives, 11 people who participated with deep emotion to their marriage.

a wedding in motion, full of happy tears plying the faces to further highlight how the feeling could be unstoppable and pure.

I must admit that our marriage I get emotional because I am a romantic and why particularly fond of me much to our couples, but I do not recall ever cried as much as me in this marriage, I think it hit me especially honesty and disruptive force of their love who fled from all the words that were exchanged during the promises.

For the wedding they obviously chose the same place of the application, or Semivicoli castle, a place charming, elegant, charming, stylish, very suitable for them.

The Semivicoli castle and chic country style

chic country style, chic country.

a colorful but delicate floral decoration Faieta flower work and designed in collaboration with us.

on harp notes, violin and flute to act as background and highlight moments of the ceremony and lunch.

an exceptional leader built for the newlyweds and their guests a tasting journey that has delighted the palates of all


to close this beautiful day a show that tells their story through images, full of experience, emotions and especially feeling.

organizing weddings is hard work, responsibility but it gives us a lot of emotions, the bride and groom when they choose us make us a great gift to give us a share of their love, make us witnesses of their union and give us a little part of them, the most romantic, carefree, and we did not ever finished thank them for that!

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