A wedding in Texas Abruzzo!

A wedding in Texas Abruzzo!

A wedding in Texas Abruzzo! ,

There is one year, our agency has received a request from our site for weddings for foreigners !

a Texas couple wanted to get married in Italy and we explicitly requested Abruzzo!

What is very strange because usually our region is little known abroad and the chosen destinations for foreign weddings are related to destinations and regions like Tuscany or Umbria tourism.

We followed their marriage at all stages, documentation, choosing the most appropriate location, the practices of civil marriage, the design of the symbolic ceremony, placeholders, centerpieces, cake and the design and creation of the right atmosphere for their wedding!

you will be surprised the number of guests!

There were only 8 people: spouses, parents, brother and sister of the groom to the bride

Then we have also solved the mystery of the decision of married Abruzzo ! the husband had lived

10 years as a child near Avezzano!


We offered a wonderful wine resort in the province of Chieti, the Semivicoli Castle.

an exclusive location, elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, immersed in the vineyards MASCIARELLI cellars!

Immediately liked the couple through the photos to structure and on arrival we were grateful further because the live was even more beautiful than I had imagined so!

was inside the hotel the couple spent the night with their customers!

we had that virtual contact with the couple until the day of arrival and when we met them the first time we were blown away by their joy and sweetness that reflected in their attentions mutual!

the name of the bride was Joyce and groom Max !

the morning of day chosen for the wedding we took them to the town of jurisdiction over property and civil own ceremony. A new experience for a small town in the province, but certainly deeply felt and appreciated.

After completing the civil ceremony we returned to Semivicoli Castle to begin all preparations.

Paul Vela New Age Hairdressers Joyce has prepared for her big day, making it beautiful and radiant!

that day, the forecast was for good weather, but at 16 hours, a huge black cloud has spoiled all plans nosri!

it was expected that the symbolic ceremony in the secret garden, a wonderful and magical castle crack hidden from view!

We had to fall back on another space equally impressive castle, namely the barrel room , the oldest part of the whole area and is suggestive of the presence huge barrels containing wines of the castle!

We set up the room with candles and cages in the shabby style !

the atmosphere was assured!


A violin has accompanied the entire ceremony in its most important moments or promises, the rings and the ceremony of light!

for officer in charge of the castle with his perfect English had no problem to make it even more sincere and personalized ceremony!

the bride wore a beautiful dress with beaded embroidery mermaid who valued all her curves!

elegant married and visibly moved greeted her with tears in his eyes and heart to three thousand!
the Assisted relatives moved together with brothers and sisters.

a ceremony for the less romantic, full of emotion, impatience, desire to start a new life together!

He was one of the most moving ceremonies we attended!

Immediately after a rich aperitif to start catering to the care of the celebrations we ordered for the event!

since few people have obviously recommended to joint a fully serviced menu with typical inputs, 2/1, 1 dish, fruit and Infina the cake is a small cake ... .a stilosissima velvet red , as requested by the couple

Despite the time that we were able to give to newlyweds! however, a view of the garden makes them eat under a pergola equipped to perfection with candles and many accessories shabby!


married us placeholder Rosemary [1945005avaitdemandé] and we recommended two types of centerpiece: a pickled wood lantern with about 3 jars of preserves with clouds of mist, and jug [peutavecunbouquetdefleurs recalled that the bouquet the bride with candles to create atmosphere around!

We opted for an imperial table, more suitable for small occasions, because it makes it more user friendly!

to the background music for dinner Matthew incarnate!

Surely another exciting and emotional moment was the dance of the newlyweds during which the bride dedicated the song to her husband by singing each verse and overcome with emotion and tears welled now uncontrollable !

Then there was the dancing couple with their parents, even this time very exciting and full of tears!

night and will not be could not conclude with a fantastic smile on every face!

leaving the beautiful animated grooms brother of bride after the ceremony was dropped in the festivities!

in brief thank you to Max and Joyce from abroad have chosen us for their wedding in Italy among all our preferring to say the least undervalued region!


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