Story of a rock wedding in Pescara!

Story of a rock wedding in Pescara!

Story of a rock wedding in Pescara! ,

months coppietta rock came knocking on our door!

He contacted near the end of the organization, in the sense that they had chosen the restaurant and place to get married, and the group!
Because they had chosen as a place of cloister ceremony city sant 'angel , and as well known restaurant silvi restaurant and saw that our agency had worked hard in both places decided count on us for the preparations!

their theme was well defined and the color.

as good fans of rock wanted their marriage to talk about rock!

for the cloister wanted something simple, elegant and not too bulky ... that respects the architecture of the place.

Therefore, for the cloister was offered the a neutral set-up in warm colors with structures in white wrought iron, with cages in paper pink spheres, carpets and ivory covers for benches and table ivory!

bridal bouquet was made by Faieta Flowers blue hydrangeas and white roses with fog line ... ..delicato, very good, very suitable for the bride!

We were able to settle the spouses and to perform the ceremony in the open air cloister!

Before the ceremony, the groom, Fabio, was very calm, balanced ... together they studied every moment of the ceremony, wrote their promises, chose a close friend as the celebrant and the group his uncle for the music of the ceremony.

bride, Stefania, is a little wait "is done .... but when she arrived all they met with mild applause.

a beautiful bride in her white dress, with a long braid to keep the hair in the company of his father, visibly moved.

of wedding march was a rock song revamped in the classic version, ceremony was opened by a speech of his friendly of the life of a groom who for the occasion been called "the priest"

Immediately after the usual questions, Fabio and Stefania, who read their promises so sincere, sweet, pure love loads that even I, who am accustomed to marriages I resisted ... yeah we wept listening to these beautiful words, the promises of eternal love which is worth more than any formal punishment and preset!


sympathetic guardian of the cloister surprised me crying and he also made a great laugh!

However, the ceremony went on, were read the articles of the Civil Code and, finally, signatures and best wishes of the ritual!

bride was amused to prepare the friendly bag personalized wedding with the names of spouses and rice inside, soap bubbles and tissues just in case!

leaving the newlyweds were flooded by laughter and friends brought a box full of white balloons to be released in the sky!

After a quick and simple snap some have all moved the restaurant to start the fun ... .Sadly the weather was not the best and outside the restaurant can not be used.

Inside place aperitif, served buffet of fruit and pastries and cake cutting.

facilities include a original painting theme of rock !


3D moat with applied graphic reproduction of the 45s with the center covers the favorite rock album!

with a vintage record player and a classical guitar in the background.

table number are inserted in the room.


piece made by Faieta flowers was hemispheres of blue hydrangeas, daisies and lisianthus.

center, we have included an LP with the album cover chosen by the couple!

a / effect really refined rock accompanied by original space reserved, blue candles shaped guitar resting on the towel to each guest!

was inside the restaurant, we had set up a "space for the booth with a personalized framework, tools and gadgets printing of natural size made by the couple!

here spouses took great photos with guests who were then printed at the time by photographers and returned at the end of the marriage instead of boxes of candy and over the placeholder. Something much appreciated by all guests!


The group performed live really drove all the wild world of national and international rock songs cleverly set in the range


at the end of dinner, we decorated the cake with blue hydrangeas and implemented the confettata!

a beautiful table with 10 kg of confetti that are sold like hotcakes ... fine confetti targati sulmona!


in short, a successful marriage of all points of view.

some guests, but all relatives and happy to celebrate the bride and groom cutting the cake with a record time ... or 10:30 p.m. ... and lots and lots of fun!

wants Stefania and Fabio, and thank you again to give us this wonderful day!

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