The right style for your wedding in Abruzzo

The right style for your wedding in Abruzzo

The right style for your wedding in Abruzzo ,

Hello everyone!

Today we'll do a roundup of the most popular styles in the industry weddings in Abruzzo !

When you decide to get married in order to have a successful event, you must understand and keep in mind that Style follow for your wedding .

you what style are you?

Today I, Federica di Vento events, will help you understand the features of each wedding style !

main wedding style

start with the gettonato the last two years ... .ormai on everyone's lips ...

delicious .the style "chic." shabby

Shabby Chic

" shabby chic " literally means "scruffy chic" in fact, the distinction is to look casual, just sloppy, a little careless and instead actually very attentive to detail!

Surely the shabby chic style applied to weddings has some peculiarities.

colors of the wedding, but opportunities you opt for this style, beige, taupe, ivory white, light gray and powder pink too!

All materials will be treated with these colors and especially with natural materials such as wood and porcelain .

For details we prefer lace while the flower is the quintessential rose except the peony ... .splendida if in powder pink!

Even Pearl can be used to enrich, but do not overdo it!

countrY CHIC

The second style is gettonato " country chic " similar to the shabby but much hardier.

Here are the masters of natural materials , wicker baskets, wooden boxes, wooden vases, jugs ....

favorite colors country chic style, applied to the world of weddings range from cream, ivory, beige to brown , matched with pastel colors such as wisteria, present mainly in flower arrangements


the most suitable are those flowers field matched with the largest flowers ... .if used even measure peonies can fit well in a country chic style.

For more details you can use cotton bands, string, jute ... ..all natural fabrics. "Gross"


another style which just last season watched the wedding world is " boho chic "... it is a style in which the two elements of bohemian style as hippy style .

is not random, but is measured and look at every detail.

Also here, they prefer fabrics and natural materials, but with more hippy facets.

pastel shades and natural colors combined more decisive and dynamic.

flower symbol definitely Daisy .

emblem of this style is approach and the mix of old and new.

Using pillows, rugs and items that "free" make, move freely and enjoy the space.


are the three most styles chosen by brides in recent years, certainly never abandoned the "romantic" style that characterized by the abundance of flowers and the fullness of compositions that prefer more traditional flowers and difficult, and the modern style ... a stylized staging, simple but well measured, generally prefers white and green mixed with elements such as glass.

you what style are you?

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