The story of a marriage in the moonlight in Pescara!

The story of a marriage in the moonlight in Pescara!

The story of a marriage in the moonlight in Pescara!

Today I will tell Antonio and Simona!
In January this beautiful young coppietta contact me for advice.

are in the office and we are immediately on the same wavelength.

Two boys with the desire to give life to a different marriage, really original, new !

What I tell you will probably upset a little because it breaks all the plans we are accustomed.

Antonio and Simona had the experience of life and a beautiful 1 year old baby still had joined their more torque.

They dreamed of a wedding where the son was the main character, a marriage that was not a victim of the tension and the usual anxiety, but it began with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. .. part of the first minute.

This is how we at Vent events and the newlyweds decided to reverse the chronology and start from the middle!

The couple decided to get ready and go out together at home with their son and how to say that the atmosphere was so relaxed that the child asleep in the car! 😉

We chose a set place by the sea that would accommodate all the guests who were around 150.

Like music from live band, 5 elements male voice, female voice, bass, drums and keyboards ... a broad national and international repertoire.

The couple made their triumphal entry accompanied by a song of the summer hit ... .very joyful, exuberant, charge!

The festival began, it started with a rich buffet of appetizers and once dissolved the tension of the couple went to prepare in the rooms, you have changed rapidly and reached the place of the symbolic ceremony, the site's private beach has been the site chosen, the background was the sea, the moon and its light makes the magical atmosphere!

The ceremony site was circular, the couple and the officiant to center around a circle of torches and lanterns to illuminate their faces.

All around people sitting on the floor on white towels and heavenly pillows (wedding color).

The ceremony was simple, even a little impromptu but born of the heart.

The master of ceremonies was a friend of both, architect of their first meeting, proud to have been as cupid.

After a brief introduction to the bride and groom are exchanged promises sweet promises, they spoke of their love and loyalty so deep to generate a life.

A harp with his sound soft and delicate was the bottom of their promises, their feelings ... and at the end of the water ceremony lit by beautiful fireworks that light fell on water ... a magical, moving!

Immediately after taking over ... festeggiamente ..tutta the party used the marriage, a show of salsa dancers to entertain guests and finally cut the cake!

cake was blue and white with a beautiful royal icing decorations that made classical and ethereal!
the topic of marriage, "the months of their child's life" ... every month told a splendid arrival of their little line!

wedding favor was a confettata 1 hg fine confetti of Sulmona accompanied by a parchment certifying their charitable work against a local association which dealt with disadvantaged children.

A marriage born of the heart!

A Mighty Heart of two guys in love!

Then the party got its sweet at will, open bar continuously, rum tasting and cigar ...

an example of what marriage marriages may be unique, built on the wishes and stories of couples out of the box ... but an expression of the personality of the individuals involved.

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