Mistakes to avoid for your wedding

Mistakes to avoid for your wedding

Mistakes to avoid for your wedding ,

Hello to all our readers!

Today, some practical advice for newlyweds and their 2016 weddings in Abruzzo .

Many of you are probably well advanced in the organization!

But there is still someone who is now approaching the early stages of organizing their wedding.

Many times we ask ourselves: " But where do I start"

Okay, you probably start with the restaurant that currently some available dates, especially if you have chosen as the day on a Saturday or Sunday!

once locked the restaurant we conduct choosing the church hall / community and it starts with document preparation.


If you choose the religious rite should know that precisely in January typically begin courses before marriage in the parishes ... so hurry up your prenuptial course

So one wonders: " But it will be early to start to find the dress "

Absolutely not

you should know that most shops have lines! business that are produced by the parent so orders must leave on time and who is getting married in September this is the right time to set your own dress, who married in May / June, the board is correteeeeeeeeeee late!

The same applies to men who are generally still restiii go ahead as always wait for the last moment to be able to lose some bacon! You also correteeeee!

At this stage, I would say it is crucial define the style you want for your wedding and from there, starting to define the investment (to be delivered 60 days before event), floral decoration, table and placeholders.

For those who have not yet done, it is time also block the musicians ... the music you choose make the atmosphere of your party! So choose carefully!

Some may think it's too early, but it's time to choose wedding favors!

In short, we must turn!

Looks at first, but the your wedding is TOMORROW

on mistakes not to make:

  • think you have time, it is not so, time is running fast especially for those who do not think only the wedding, but did the job, the kids, the house, etc.
  • not organized maniacally, marriage is made of many small details need to be clear about everything and always, and above all respect certain deadlines
  • start organizing the following marriage idea and style and weariness let go and settle all what! So your wedding will seem dull without a meaning and flat. Do not give up in the end!
  • Feel 1000 different bells. Impartial advice? Unless your mothers, aunts and a few close friends you all for all of you if want to have a say, and you go into total confusion. Your wedding is YOUR , you do everything according to what you like though because there will be someone who will have to say.
  • do too complex things . Especially if you organize everything dasole looking for simple and practical solutions. On the wedding day, you have to think of everything! You can delegate to someone, but that someone is not you! So find appropriate solutions to be easily delegated to anyone!

So I hope these tips can help you in some way for your marriage in Abruzzo


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