restoration or not? The dilemma of catering in Abruzzo

restoration or not? The dilemma of catering in Abruzzo

restoration or not? The dilemma of catering in Abruzzo ,

Hello everyone Today we face a very expensive problem for us!

Catering or not the restoration in Abruzzo?

obviously it is a choice that greatly affects marriage.

Click here for a caterer is to have dismissed the idea of ​​restaurants for weddings and kissing rather than exclusive and intimate location.

choosing a location rather than a restaurant with catering for weddings already beautiful and ready, always puts a strain on the couple.

even our mentality begins to open up more to the idea than in previous years.

greatest fear couples mainly concerns the quality of food and service!

today, we want to reassure you!

food quality catering not no way inferior to that of restaurants.

Many restoration of our region are well-known restaurants owned.

in the US, most marriages is entrusted to the restoration, and in many Italian regions vi ... sounds strange, but in Emilia Romagna and Tuscany is much more normal lock a location with restoring contact restaurant!

here in Abruzzo we are a little "hesitant because we have always been accustomed to large facilities dedicated to weddings.

this does not take anything away from installations ristorantive for weddings in fact there are a lot of excellent quality and very attentive to the needs of each couple ... but we want to whet your curiosity about this "new" reality.

what will change between catering and restaurant?

Almost nothing, except it moves!

needs a restoration "even more effective organization because it has to go to a place, the organization of the kitchen and the dining room from scratch, do the event and dismantle all in the shortest time.

compared to many restaurants for weddings that you have no choice a place with the restoration is the exclusive .

All rental devote the day only to a wedding and the time after stress.

further customizing in this case can be carried out at 360 ° plies to complete the provision of each individual buffet station ... ..

in a brief event designed and custom made for you!
more, whereas before they were only appropriate place for a small number of guests today, there are places that can accommodate up to 0 people comfortably!

And the costs?

Between the cost of rent and the cost of menu prices will correspond roughly to those dining rooms .

not save and not spend any more ... then ..ovvio is relative in the sense that the choice of the elite course you pay more, but it happens everywhere!

So why not consider this unusual proposal?

Among the Abruzzo vacation we announce Bonge restoration in the country for several years and always with excellent results.

Among the most charming location of Semivicoli Castle .

We hope to be helpful with this short excursus into the world of modern banquet!

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