Do you want to reuse the wedding dress for other occasions?

Do you want to reuse the wedding dress for other occasions?

Do you want to reuse the wedding dress for other occasions? ,

Hello guys, today I want to talk about a subject that is very dear to many of joint posed by me in studio which is the need for a wedding dress can re in other subsequent occasions.

requirement of almost all of the couple that I have the pleasure and good fortune to serve you this ...

Philip, I'm getting married in a few months and would love to have a wedding dress elegant , adapted to the occasion but at the same time, as we move to silver I wish I could re on other occasions such as weddings of friends, other important ceremonies such as baptisms, graduations or even put for interviews of employment.

that's why I do not want a beautiful dress polished , damask or too ceremonial otherwise I could not put it back, I prefer an elegant dress, but the cut and color classic.

Well, I say, I have no problem solution for you !!!

but not here, so I asked another thing important : "Philip, because I want a classic suit (blue, black or dark charcoal gray), but I would not be too simple and I would not want some guests even more stylish than me! What do you recommend? "

Benis ok mum Dell'Orto HIGH TAILORING is specialized just to meet those needs!

The scenario that I appear before the almost all cases is actually just that

you, I repeat

  • elegant but not too brilliant, not Damascus and not ceremonial ;.
  • dress that you can reuse in many other occasions,
  • dress that allows the groom to be recognized immediately as "RE" of the ceremony;
  • dress that allows the groom to be in any case the most elegant of all.

Omino pensieroso by analyzing the set not seems really easy to find something similar also took into account that the customer wants expenses always as little as possible.

in fact, if you made it a trip here and in the different workshops or shops specialized in weddings will surely get to find clothes that sentence answer these requirements.

you should find anything but cheap, very bright in different color tones (like those below), or tight, smoking, etc., but nothing that will satisfy you because you are in fact looking for another.

Abito lucido Abito lucido blu Abito lucido grigio

But we see when we DELL 'GARDEN HIGH ADAPT with a few simple tricks to meet those needs.

the first thing I would say to the husband is to opt for the choice of VEST 4 or 5 buttons, or a more modern vest twice. it will be difficult, but not impossible, to have people at the reception wearing the jacket. I do not recommend this for very head hot in July and August (there is another head wear). Another advantage jacket is that it allows you to keep an open jacket or even for those who can not take the jacket worn lets you withdraw while remaining compound and formal nell'outfit (remember, however, that the jacket should not be removed). The fabric and color of the vests can really make a difference, imagine a black or blue dress paired with a gray vest ice maybe even a little " Damascus or operated ... would certainly be a sign badge that allows you to be recognized immediately as joint (see photo below).

a jacket "ceremony" is very important to go with her necktie or bowtie [appropriate ie harmoniously positioned in your outfit. Very often recommend links or gray bow in different colors.

Do not be underestimated in clothing is also the famous Cover or handkerchief. This beautiful accessory is not never miss in your breast pocket of the jacket. It is important that both Buna quality (I recommend cotton or silk) and above all must be well bent. Again, it will be difficult that some of your guests you wear.

Gilet doppiopetto Gilet monopetto

Another very important thing is flower buttonholes. Furthermore, in fact, it gives you just the right touch of Class makes the difference compared to all the other guests. It should be applied or inserted into the slot of the left lapel.

At this point, you are ready take pride your partner and start a new journey of life together.

mano nella mano

Returning upstream we said that your need was to have a classic suit not only ceremonial (eg blue, gray or black) reusable at other times, but at the same time to be recognized immediately as " GROOM ". Here, your vest, the link to the right, the clutch and the pride you became PERFECT WEDDING!

the next day, a ceremony and festivities finished, you can remove the lighthouse, take also away the jacket and tie (or bow tie) and you are ready with your dress any other possibility (graduations, baptisms, weddings of friends, etc.), in short, it can REUSE if we consider it appropriate. I have not written voluntarily remove the clutch because it should be always achieve when wearing a jacket.

What do you think I am able to meet needs MARRIED?

Check out the testimonials page to see what they think of us our fantastic spouses.

As usual if you have a issue about, we are always available (please contact us here) or if you want comment this article with your experience, I invite you to write in the space provided below.

in the next article,

hello to all of Philip and I recommend ...

Dress well !!!

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