Story of a dream wedding in Pescara

Story of a dream wedding in Pescara

Story of a dream wedding in Pescara , Welcome back!
As always the writer is Federica of Wind events
Today I want to tell you about a dream wedding arranged for two guys in Pescara!
a story of love and long for a time, even remotely
When Roberta and Vincenzo came to us, it was clear that we aircraft in front of a stra-couple in love, these practically merged couples, friends since high school!
a couple who already had lived it, the origin of the Marches, had decided to move to Pescara to reach her boyfriend!
I dare say that this marriage was a little interregional because it was disposed between the Marche and Abruzzo !
a quiet couple, very helpful huge claims and without, with the sole desire of a wedding attended, in which can engage and entertain friends ... needless to say, in the end thanks our agency, not only got what they wanted, but realized a dream wedding !

would start by saying the place, no doubt the magic, chose for lunch: a private hamlet in the Marche
village was characterized by the presence of many stone structures had been created many rooms for guests as well as large! spaces for banquets!
A village that has no less of tunnels that have been found inscriptions that suggest the presence of the square by the Templars!

A resulting enchanted mountains Marche and privacy!
marriage morning, the groom, as usual, wanted to start their own home with friends, witnesses and relatives, and reached the bride in Civitanova Marche!
at home, emotion and tension were palpable married any property surrounded by big smiles and great apprehension!
as the car the couple chose a new Beetle model, white and burgundy!
all have the arrival of the bride in the church were out of breath, a beautiful narrow lace dress in life and with a very wide skirt ... useless to you tell the emotion of those present!
ceremony was deeply felt and lived, the friends decided to make the chorus to the function, the celebrant was a close friend of her since he grew up in his parish was also witness to all the moments lived the couple!
to conclude this beautiful ceremony, the moving words of a friend of the bride have definitely broken the barriers of all eyes of those present ... including
has the end of the voltage function has melted and started breathing
a festive look! to capture every moment of the expert eye Wedding Photography Paul Iammarone!
in the village all was ready, the caterer had a buffet of appetizers on the terrace!

for the bride and groom arrived with his sunglasses and made their triumphal entrance to the tune of Matthew embodied DJ!
When you are finished entering all the guests were taken on one of the property's gardens to sit and enjoy the dishes!
many moments of joy and most pleasant surprises of friends they had a good time these moments of "goodies".
But undoubtedly the highlight was to cut the cake , set up under a maple centenary after one avenue enchanted and enriched by flying 30 butterflies!

we were so robbed her as the guests had not even realized that we were the ones to release even they thought it was a wonderful coincidence that nature had given joint

after cutting the cake, toast, cakes and pralines catering house all the boys have moved to another wing of the village where the celebration continued with open bar, dJ set of care Matthew incarnate and a small buffet to accompany and finish the evening with dignity!
a marriage lasted a full day , but it did not bother because no well studied and divided at times!

wedding theme ???
the most important moments of the couple and the road they had traveled together through the years together ... this other question would have been possible for a couple so in love and so well matched ???
each pair marriage this our motto!

Every marriage must be studied, planned and organized for the couple, taking into account the needs, wants, the couple style!
and this article, we take this opportunity to wish this wonderful couple wants, because in a few days of birth their first child!

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