cleaning wedding dress and conservation

cleaning wedding dress and conservation

cleaning wedding dress and conservation ,

1 First, we may ask the question: "Why would you want to try to clean your wedding dress itself " you've probably noticed that the label wear says" dry clean only ". So if you think you do not do your own cleaning, as taking an awfully big risk. Want a chance to damage or destroy take your darling dress?

to try an account of your own wedding dress would be to save money, clean. Everyone wants to save money. ... so we consider this a step further.

Read fabric labels carefully. If your wedding dress is made of silk or silk blends so do not try to clean yourself. If your dress and the lining are made of polyester, it is actually possible to make your own cleaning dress.

But before you should also begin the process: Does the dress beads on them? they are sewn or glued? Does the dress glitter? they are sewn or glued? You must be especially careful if the wedding dress is beads or glitter.

Ok, you still want to continue

careful hem clothing. you should use a mixture of detergent paste, or even "OxiClean". Scrub gently dirty hem. Pay attention also to the neck and "armpit" of the wedding dress. The areas to be more polluted than in other areas.

Examine the dress carefully for other spots. Some wines should not leave a stain, but must also be washed. cake can, food or natural oils from your hands may also areas that need attention.

If you are planning a washing machine instead of hand washing use, turn off the wedding dress in front in the washing machine.

If you have a large capacity front load washer then the wedding dress and wash on the gentle cycle.

If you have a top load waster very careful. The washing effect tends to twist your dress significantly.

Something else to consider before starting this process: you want to try and press the dress you or have professionally steamed / pressed. Hand pressing with an iron is tedious and can be damaged - even burn the tissue, and it can melt the flakes.

If you are planning your wedding gown have professionally steamed / pressed check before hand to see what they will ask. Sometimes local cleaning costs almost as much for steam and pressing, as they do for all their service. (See the article on the local cleaning over dress professional wedding Conservation).

to save money, time and stress, you may want to consider your wedding dress professionally cleaned and preserved.

Several companies offer a complete package to make it easy for you. The shelf kit wedding dress everything you need. It will contain a carrying bag and box, a customer invoice, band and complete sealing instructions. you should put your dress in the plastic bag, the bill in his pocket, the dress / invoice / bag in the box. provided Seal the box with the seal strip and insert the prepaid shipping label on the package. Everything is paid in advance for all you have to do is to take the full package at any UPS / Fedex. Store.

Your dress is you (no additional cost) to an address in the US (whatever you have set the address on the invoice are made).

Go ahead and Google "wedding dress preservation" and find several ways. Look through the sites and prices and choose the best option for you.

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