Find the fit that flatters your figure!

Find the fit that flatters your figure!

Find the fit that flatters your figure! ,

If choosing a wedding dress, it is important to find a form that emphasizes correct your figure. Some silhouettes are extremely versatile, while others are less forgiving when it comes to hide the problems. Here are some of the most popular styles and suggestions to find the most figure-dress



Even pyramid

line A is the sectional shape of most popular and friendly character. On the snug dress size and focuses on the neckline. The size is slightly flared. Shaped like an "A" or a pyramid.

The shape of the section is characterized ideal for hiding problem areas on the abdomen, legs and buttocks. It is also ideal for women slightly smaller, since the lines falling vertically cut can affect the silhouette of slim and larger carrier. Pregnant women can wear these clothes very well as

Other products:. Small and petite woman, curvy, feminine shapes, pregnant young married


change dress

even column dress or H-line

sheath dresses have a modern, elegant and unfussy which is widely distributed in excessive embellishments like beads and embroidery. The silhouette is slim-fitting and legs tightly. The dress is no horizontal seam at the waist, torso and hips are underlined.

The shift dress is particularly well suited for thin women, athletic without major problems. minor problems can be covered with a slightly wider cut. The narrow section extends the bride and is therefore particularly advantageous for small women

Other products:. lean, athletic physique, small married, beach weddings


Empire dress

look Empire dresses very elegant, but as playful and girly. Your feminine charm reminiscent of the novels of Jane Austen heroines of the British Empire. Characteristic of this model series is just a tall seam below the chest, loose robe and airy flowing from which the floor. Often, the size is highlighted by an additional accessory such as a belt or a loop. Neck and shoulders are emphasized.

Empire dresses are real figure-flatterer, they focus on breasts and perfect hiding problems on the stomach, hips and thighs. The two little women with narrow shoulders and luscious women and pregnant women can wear this form easily

Other products:. small women or curved, excellent comfort due to lightweight fabrics for pregnant women


mini dress

Even baby-doll dress

Mini-dresses are the shortest description of wedding dresses and bring the feminine charms to advantage. The top is usually closely cut, varies from time to time as a corsage. The skirt portion may be narrow or issued and ending well above the knee. This type of dress is associated attributes such as bold, modern and sexy, because here particularly beautiful shapely legs are staged.

Who wants to hide small problem areas, a knee dress and one should select flared skirt, games around the figure. Especially thin women with beautiful legs seen in the fact superb

Other products:. maiden, young types of women, tall, thin women, beautiful legs

Das Minikleid

line dome

This section is the classic wedding dresses. The upper body is usually highlighted by a bodice and down the dress is exposed as a dome. This is the ideal interface for brides who dreamed as a little girl like a princess.


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