A hairstyle for a beautiful bride

A hairstyle for a beautiful bride

A hairstyle for a beautiful bride ,

When Marta and Cris told me that Laura had chosen me makeup and her hair on her wedding day I am delighted, "participate in the first marriage all together !!
then told me how he was married, his character, dress, stylish wedding dress and still look at several options. When I went to Laura's house for testing and we knew we wanted braids that are fashionable and go well with the rustic tone took the celebration.

By his way of being wanted nothing complex, simple enough. We did some tests, although the first choice of the braid not convince us at all because the hair was braided Laura thickness with little body, bearing a second option without braid. But something is very clear that we would do a semirecogido curly natural to stay, did not want the loops and corkscrews typical. Nothing formal.

I went home knowing that the bride wanted mats and braids would. After seeing the possibilities with your hair, just that he had to give more volume and make it back, French braid to make it look fuller.

And as we had time on the wedding day, I made the first braids and made a picture for him to see ... .. and we loved it, so we keep coming back.

The hairstyle consisted of a semirecogido with French braids on the sides, respecting the natural fringe. The braids were joined in a bunch of paniculata to give a more rustic spot. The remaining hair was loose with wide irregular loops, well fixed, as Laura has a very straight hair.

And this was the result! I hope you like it. Thursday makeup Laura.

Pablo por envidienmiboda
Pablo por envidienmiboda
Laura y Pablo por envidienmiboda

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